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It is COOOOOOLLLLLLD here today. I mean freeze your noogies off cold.  Witches boobies in a brass bra cold.  And that ain’t anything us Southern gals are used to.  We are Deep South. Arkansas, magnolia blossom , sweet-tea sippin’ , front -porch sittin’ , hound dog scratchin’ , bare foot walkin’, DEEP SOUTH.  Our winter generally consists of the thirties , and forties. The last two days it has been it has been in the TEENS.  We just ain’t built for this! I mean , we are the kind of people who put away our winter clothes in March. We pretty much don’t DO frost, ice, snow or any other forms of water close to or below the freezing point . I suppose that’s why Southern hospitality is so warm, because we’re just used to BEING warm. We keep our windows open in the summer to let in the air , the smells of the things we love , like grass being cut in our neighbor’s yard, the clematis vines that are hanging over the fence, the wisteria thick with bees , so heavy with perfume , who needs Febreze? Porches are open, like the windows. I’ve never thought about it,  but I guess that’s why our personalities are open too.   Our songs  ,our food, even our handshakes all have soul.  We live mostly outdoors, so we become like our environments. I realize we are lucky that way. Warmth , beauty, and personality.  I suppose I’ll trade all those things for a few cold days a year.  So ya’ll come see us , ya’ hear?  😉

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You know , it’s coming round spring again. Or it’s trying to. The weather here in Arkansas can never seem to make up its mind this time of year. You know how it goes. Thirty degrees one day and seventy the next. Cold and grey, gloomy and wet. The wind seems to suck up any hope of anything new and fresh that dares to stick its head above ground. Sometimes that’s the way lupus makes me feel. My mind tries so very , very hard to stay positive, you know? Every day I wake up in a genuinely good mood. I really do. I am a seriously positive person. Ask anyone who knows me. That’s not bragging. It’s who I am. I was born that way. I don’t have a problem seeing the glass as half full. But , the problem is, that with lupus, you have two holes in the bottom of your glass. Constant pain, and mind -blowing fatigue. So no matter how hard you work to keep the glass full , it is constantly running empty. Empty. EMPTY. You’re tired. You’re running to the faucet. You’re filling your bucket. Dump it in the glass. Smile. The glass is full for a little while longer. But , only for a little while. Run. Run. RUN!! Empty again. Empty. empty. empty. smile. pick it up. pickituppickituppickitup……….that’s lupus. Then people begin to wonder. About why you feel stuck in between winter and spring. In that place between blue and grey. They haven’t been there , so they don’t see….. because they don’t have two holes in their glass…..they are only worried about the color, the color of their glass, the size of their glass, the shape of their glass, how much their glass cost…they just don’t see how much it cost me every day to keep my glass even halfway full…

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Well, I’ve been away for awhile. Not away from home , just away from my blog. I’ve not really had a good reason I don’t guess, just didn’t have much to say. Plus, I haven’t felt just spectacular, kind of like my tail feathers were a’draggin’. That’s a southern expression, meaning you feel kind of under the weather. I had a doctor’s appointment today, but didn’t really find out anything new. Don’t ya’ hate that? When you go, and they just tell you the same ole thing? Ugh. Anyhow. We finally got enough rain around here to make it seem like the world wasn’t burning up, although it was too late for our garden. We’re hoping to get some compost and work in it so maybe next year it’ll do some better. It was a “pleasant” 99 degrees out today! 🙂 Heh. Meaning at least it wasn’t 105 or 106 like it has been! Well, I haven’t got a whole lot to say today, I hope this finds you all having a good one, and the sun shining just right , wherever you are!

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Soak It Up!~

Ohhhhhh….the sound of rain! It has been SO dry here lately. We’ve had no rain, in combination with triple digit temperatures for awhile now. Let me tell ya’, it’s been rough. I told my hubby I felt bad for all the cows I see with only a little mudhole of a pond left to drink out of. I know they’re animals but I can’t help but think, “Eww. I couldn’t drink that.” All my dogs just lay in front of their fans with their tongues out. I wonder if that is why they are called the dog days of summer? Anywho, we’re getting things back into a routine to try to get school started back up again. Cue the booing and hissing from the youngsters, lol. I know people probably think I’m mean, but by the time the end of July rolls around my kids have done and seen everything they can, and are “Bored out of their minds!” to quote my 13 year old, so starting school almost seems like a welcome relief. I can understand their thoughts though. I was never a huge fan of school, and summer was my favorite time of the year. Endless days( seemingly!) of horseback riding, swimming in the river, and lazy evenings in the hayloft with a favorite book. Of course, maybe I was younger , but I don’t remember days and days of 102 degree weather then, though. But when we look back onto our childhoods we can’t help but see ourselves through those lovely rose colored glasses of youth! Well, I guess that’s my ramblings for today. I’m still enjoying the sound of the rain on the tin roof, and hearing my garden make that sweet sucking sound………….”SLUUUUUUUURRRRP!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh……water!” Hope this finds you all blessed today….thanks for stopping by!

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Lord Willin’, and the Creek Don’t Rise~

Well, hubs has been on vacay since Saturday, and we’ve been having a really great time spending the days with our boys, and doing stuff together. We’ve been fishing, took the boys to the Science Museum to see the pirates/underwater excavation exhibit, gone flea-marketing, laughed a lot, and just generally enjoyed being with one another. We also attended youth rally, dog-sat for the preacher, spent time in the library, and the kiddos have been swimming. Next week , we have VBS, and the week after that , we have church camp, ( their first time to go.) Whew. I sure hope I “live” to tell about all these upcoming adventures! 🙂 We did decide that in the middle of July we would probably start school back up again, as it will be too hot to do anything outside anyway. It is already reaching the triple digits here in the sweltering land of the South, so I can only imagine what July and August are going to look like! Ugh. I love the South but sometimes I swear it’s like living in a cross between the Sahara and the tropics. The heat AND humidity together are killer. So that’s our plan for the following months, well, the plan if, as they say here, “Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.” (Probably not much danger in that , no more rain than we are getting!) How about you ? Have you got a lot of plans for the summer, or are your only plans to do as little as possible? Absolutely nothing wrong with that! I may have to try that sometime! Hope this finds you all having a great day, no matter where you are!


So That’s Why!~

Wow. We had QUITE the storm last night! You know yesterday I said it was muggy and oppressively hot? Well, turns out, that was some kind of a harbinger , I guess. About 5:30 pm here yesterday it got completely dark outside, major wind blew through, and some serious sounding hail. It lasted til about 6 :15.( Ohhhh, so that’s why it was 90 degrees in May!) We didn’t get any damage, thankfully, other than a lot of limbs knocked out of the trees, but our power was off and on for an hour or so. There was a report from a friend of mine whose husband is a lineman with the power company, that there were 1100 outages reported from our area. My sister and brother in law had a tree fall on their living room, but they were all okay, thank the Lord. My mom and dad were camping at the lake in their RV, (of all things!!) , when all this was going on. I guess they’re a lot braver than me! I’d have probably huddled in the campground bathroom waiting it out, before I stayed in the camper!
Not sure what the effect of all that hail is going to be on my fledgling garden. I’ll have to go over and check it later, I guess. It’d sure be a shame to have all that good rain, and then for the hail to have beaten my plants down ! Well, anywho. That’s the way it is, I suppose. We take what comes, and deal, lol. 🙂 I hope this finds everyone snug as bugs where ever you are!

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Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve been here. Spring is in full swing here, and the humidity and heat is already oppressive. I told the hubs, I remember when it gets this way, why I like Winter. The heat, and added humidity make my bones feel terrible. It really isn’t anecdotal. (Isn’t that the word that doctors use?) I can tell anytime it is going to rain, snow or anything like that. I used to kind of look skeptically at old people who claimed that their “bones” were hurting them and it was going to rain. Not anymore. Since the lupus has come along I’ve found it to really be true.
On the good side, we got our garden planted and the rain has been just right for growing so far. Last year , it rained so much at first, you couldn’t get anything planted. Then it was so dry and hot that everything burned up nearly straightaway. We planted 12 tomato plants, and all season reaped 3 sad looking tomatoes. So, hopefully , this year the weather will all even out and we will enjoy our harvest of fresh veg.
How about at your place ? Are you gardening this year? Has the weather been to suit you?
I hope today finds you all feeling well, and enjoying the weather whatever it might be! 🙂

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Change,Control, and “I’m-Glad-I’m-Not -In-Charge!” ~

Spring Rains

Change is good.  Well, sometimes.  I can’t honestly qualify the statement that ALL change is good.  Definitely some things change that we wish didn’t.  Like our health, or our financial circumstances.  One thing we surely don’t have control over is the seasons, and when they change.  But I think this is a good thing.  Do you remember the movie Bruce Almighty?  Bruce gets angry with God over the changes in his life, and is just SO sure he could do a better job.  Well, God decides to give Bruce charge of things for 7 days and just see how it turns out.  Of course, it’s  a complete disaster, as God no doubt knew it would be.  Bruce, being human , uses his newfound powers pretty much completely selfishly, and tilts the world off it’s own axis nearly.  So, that being said, can you imagine what the world would be like if WE were in charge of the seasons changing?  Well. Today it would be 70 degrees with no wind and a touch of sun, if I were in charge.  But, what if my neighbor liked snow and cold?  Would the sun shine over my house only and the neighbor have his snow for his yard?  What if my sister decided she wanted fourth of July weather for today? Sun, sun, and more sun, 90 degrees and such?  We aren’t all knowing so we don’t know what the effects of such a thing would be on the earth.  The weather would be messed up all over the globe. There would be floods, and droughts, and maybe even other more severe complications.  I decided to remind myself of these ideas this morning when the weather wasn’t to suit me.  Maybe I ‘d be better off leaving the changing of the seasons to the One who instituted them!