About Me~

What Do You See? ( In Me)~

I never really thought too much about what makes me stand out. I like trying to figure out what makes others stand out, or makes them the people that they are. It seems kind of arrogant or self-centered to think about self in such a way, but, I guess it takes a certain amount of arrogance to be a blogger , if you think about it. I mean really, you write and post under the assumption that people are going to read it, or that they care somehow. I really did not start my blog with this assumption, my thoughts were more, “This is for me, so years down the road , I can look at it, and say, ‘Here’s how far I’ve come.’ or maybe even ‘Here’s how far down I’ve gone’., lol ! ” But I guess for some people maybe they hope to be famous, or start a blogging empire, complete with a “brand” of their name on a product or something. I would totally not even dare to assume such a thing about myself! 🙂 But , I guess if maybe I look at myself through the eyes of others, I might could guess what makes me stand out…….I’ll give it a go, anyways…

Things That Make Me Stand Out~

1. I CAN”T dance. I have no moves. Not even like Jagger. You know what I mean, that whole geeky, moves, but no moves type style. Don’t ask. It ain’t happenin’.

2. I am a complete and total dork. I LOVE to read, draw, watch old movies and British telly. I like beat up Converse sneakers, hoodies, vintage tees, am blind without my specs, and anything else you could even vaguely describe as belonging in the land of the nerdy.

3. I really, truly, deeply care about other people’s problems. I suppose that might be construed as slightly egotistical, but it is nonetheless true. I honestly am interested in what’s happening in your life. I don’t mind if it’s good, bad, ugly or indifferent, if it is important to you, I care about it.

4. I like to laugh. I don’t mean a little snicker, heehee, behind a hand so as not to draw too much attention. I mean , I like to guffaw , hoot, snort, complete-body-rollicking -in – the – aisle laugh. A lot.

And finally, I am slightly suspicious that the quality that makes me stand out the most is………….
5. I’m totally normal. Vanilla. Possibly to the point of boredom. So, really the thing that makes me stand out, is , “I don’t .”

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