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All That Glitters~


Well today is <3's day . You know the day everybody supposedly is supposed to celebrate their true loves with diamonds and chocolates and flowers. My husband and I are a bit of an odd couple I guess. We don't really DO Valentine's . I've always told people , "He shows me he loves me everyday, he doesn't need a holiday for an excuse." I do admit, he spoils me terribly. But not in the way that you would think. I guess I'm a bit odd too, in the fact that I'm not a jewelry person. I never have gotten people's fascination with diamonds. I've seen the shiny cases full of every type of ring, bracelet, bead and bauble. They glitter, and drive some of my girlfriends into the craziest state , causing them to say things to or about their husband like , "He'd better bring home jewelry , if he knows what's good for him. " Or , "I expect a ring at least!" all said in a serious manner. But, I mean they're ROCKS , people! They come up out of the ground just like any other kind of rock. Sure , they're polished up to look all gorgeous, but it's STILL just a ROCK. So I'm not a blingy girl. So does he bring me flowers ? Dozens of bouquets of velvety cut roses? No. I'm not really into that either. If he WERE going to buy me a rose, I'd prefer a live one you could plant in the yard and see bloom every year. But no, that's not how he spoils me. So what do I get from hubs that I think is better than the most expensive tiny thing in that famous turquoise box? After all , all that glitters is NOT gold. Treasure for me is found someplace else entirely. Books. I got BOOKS. Two fat hardbacks and a paperback. When I found them and said , "I can't choose! Should I get the Clive Cussler or the new Star Wars novel?" He said , "Why choose? ?" So don't turn me loose in Tiffany's or Xales . Give me Books a Million or the book aisle in Wal Mart , cause I think a 400 page novel beats a diamond bracelet any day of the week.

About Me~

It’s Finally Confirmed~

I’m weird.  Yep.  Totally. Completely. Weird.  I have proof.  I didn’t have proof before, it was just a sneaking suspicion, really. Kind of a niggling doubt in the back of my mind.  But , after trolling FB today, I have located quantifiable proof that I am strange  .  Well, at least for my gender anyway.

What made me realize this today?  I did not post a picture of my Valentine’s gift or post a status ABOUT my Valentine’s gift.  Why not?  I didn’t GET a Valentine’s Day gift.  SHOCK.  HORROR!  AWE!  That’s right I said my husband of 15 years did NOT get me a gift on the DAY of days for romance.  He didn’t get me anything yesterday for it, or the day before, either.

Now let me say, I do not begrudge people who post their sweet pictures of their loved ones.  I love seeing all the neat ways that people show their love for one another!  Roses! Candy ! Jewelry! These are all great, and hubs HAS bought me all those things in the past.  But hear me out .  I just don’t seem to care about those things anymore.  They just don’t matter to me.  I am not a huge jewelry wearer.  Don’t much care for diamonds.  If I  wear “real” gemstones, I like unusual things with colors or something non traditional.  Mostly I just wear the cheap stuff.  You know 3 for $5 at CATOs. 🙂

I don’t really want roses or flowers that are going to die in a few weeks. I would so much rather have a planted rose to enjoy for a long time.

And candy.  Seriously, ladies.  Let’s be honest with each other.  We buy that stuff for ourselves. No man needed!  I do NOT wait for my husband to surprise me with chocolates when in need of my happy place!

I suppose people will ask me , “Don’t you miss the romance?”  Well, maybe I just define romance in a different way.  After all, my hubs just took me to have my gallbladder out at like, 5 in the morning.  After all the pain, I’d been in from that stupid thing,  THAT was a romantic gift!

So, I hope everyone got what they truly wanted for HEARTS day.  If you didn’t, ladies, take a page from my book and just tell the significant other,  “Know what?  Don’t go shop for a gift for me.  Just leave me the checkbook, that way I’ll get what I REALLY want!” 🙂

About Me~

29 Days~

Today is the first day of February.  I know the 14th is Valentine’s Day, and that is the “traditional” day to give gifts , cards, and sentiments.  But in case you haven’t noticed, I ‘m not much for tradition just for the sake of it.  I like to do things differently, so I’ve decided for every day in February I would write about something that I love or appreciate in those I have in my life.

I’m going to start off with my husband of 15 years.  I guess the first thing I want to say is when he said in sickness and in health, the poor man definitely did NOT know what he was getting himself in for!  In our 15 year together, I have had 5 surgeries, spent many , many weeks in the hospital, had literally HUNDREDS of doctor’s visits, been in a wheelchair, used a walker, been unable to drive or care for myself for weeks at a time, unable to cook, clean, do laundry , and basically just been of no physical use to anyone for long periods. I ‘ve ballooned up to nearly 200 pounds and temporarily lost a lot of my hair.  Without complaint he has held my hand while I was in tremendous pain, held my head while I vomited, and just held me while I cried.  He has pushed me in a wheelchair up and down the hallways and sidewalks of Children’s Hospital, when our son was hospitalized there after his premature birth.  He has worked at crummy jobs just so we have money to eat, and pay bills.

All this from a man who never set out to get married, or have children of his own.  When the going got tough, he didn’t give in, give up , or give out.  He never said once that he was sorry for marrying me, or that this was not what he signed up for.  He has never said that anything was too hard, or been anything less than supportive.  He never tells me “Why can’t you just get over this?”, or  “This is your fault.”

So for anyone who says that there is no real love left in this world, I would have to say you’re wrong.  I have seen real love.  I have had the privilege of living with it every day , in every moment, for the last 15 years of my life.

And even though these words would never be enough to show it, I want to say them anyway.  “I love you .  And for all you ‘ve done, thanks , babe.”