Against the Flow ~

  Fair warning.   I like to give fair warning. If  a post might seem long, or  scatter-brained, or even if some of the topics or wording might seem offensive to some.  I had no idea until just a few years ago that even the very discussion of illness is considered offensive to some.  There […]

Thirty Eight and Counting

  Thirty-eight. That’s the age I’ve turned this year, and 13 years longer than the doctors gave me to make it without a heart transplant. They told me , “MS. Woods , if you don’t get one , by 30 you’ll surely be dead. And that’s WITH pumping your body full of ungodly amounts of […]

Night Things~

~ Just wondering~ What happens in the tree! I’ve had the strange sensation, thoughts swirling in my head. Like , “Where do fireflies go at dawn?”, “Where do they go to bed?” “What do owls dream about, ” “while sleeping in their tree?” “Do they dream about their night flights”, “and where the mice might […]

Arrival and Inspiration~

This is a poem I wrote today after seeing some birds outside my window. I got to thinking about how optimistic they are in the face of how the weather still is outside today. It is beautiful here today, but still chillingly cold. The sun was out, but the wind was biting. The birds , […]