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Shot Glass Lips and other Weird Tips ~ or IT Happened in 2015

I fairly ever write a “RANT” blog.  I mean, I just don’t believe in it. The world is negative enough, so why add to it right?  But I saw something today , that I just COULDN’T LET GO.  I tried.  I really, really tried.  I tried to think about it only in my head, I tried to only have a mini-discussion with my hubs, but I JUST. COULDN’T . LET. IT. GO.

The world is full of crazy things, I know. And apparently the Jenners\Kardashians are a big part of it.  Bruce Jenner with his transformation into,  ( as my Grandpa Capps would say ),  he\she\whatever the heck he is , the Kylie Jenner challenge , cause apparently today’s kids aren’t smart enough to know that if you suck your lips into a shot glass they’ll swell up to the size of a road lizard, and stay that way for a week. ‘Cause check this out  we all want our kids lips to look like  this

landscape_nrm_1429537367-kylie_jenner_lip_challenge (1)

And now, these ignernt , that’s right, I said ignernt young’uns want to “trademark ” their own names , so that anybody that comes after  ’em can’t call themselves Kylie or Kendall , too.  Not that at the rate of THEIR stupidity we’d WANT to .  ‘Cause Lord knows we’re ALLLLLL lined up waitin’ to name our kids after this batch of kids.  When what we really  all want to do is sing that song from the Disney musical letitsnow

Can we please just get back to NORMAL , CHILDHOOD???