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A Little Behind, :) ~

Well, I’m behind. Again. Ugh. I can not seem to get myself together these last few days. I missed two days here, but did get the kitchen cleaned. I didn’t get the laundry done, but I did get a lot of rest this week. So , I got SOME stuff done, just not ALL the stuff done that I wanted to. But so it goes, I guess.
I do miss writing here when I skip it, though. I don’t know how people write for a living . I am reading Sylvia Plath’s Letters Home, where she explains to her mother that she intends to write 1,500 words every day , regardless. I suppose writing might just be like anything else, and the more we practice it, the better we will get. I understand what people mean when they say writer’s block, because my inspiration has been sorely lacking these last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s lack of quality rest, or just feeling bad in general. Who knows? Anywho, that’s all that’s new in this neck of the woods. I ‘m off to rest my “brain” in hopes that inspiration will strike! Have a great day everyone! 🙂