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Time Travel~


Beautiful grey morning. Almost as though I have stepped back , to the time when I was I was a little girl again. In that old pickup truck with my faded jeans, and boots. I have them on today. Daddy is here to take me to the farmer’s market. It’s been so long since we went for a drive, I am so happy to be out with one of my favorite people. There’s coffee , black, and the vendors all know Daddy by name. Mr. Deer, what can we get for ya’ today? Daddy wants White Globe peaches from Mr. Jamison’s , where he used to work when he was a boy, and a Black Diamond watermelon, from the man who’s wife works at the factory where Daddy retired after 28 years. There’s some homemade soap, the kind that Daddy used to use in the No. 10 washtub to clean up. The kind that he says , “If ya’ ain’t careful, that’ll wash the hide right off of ya’. ” We leave with our goodies, and he takes me home “the long way”, my favorite saying, meaning , he’s going to show me a new way to go home, on some country backroads, with houses and people he knows and stories to go along with them. In between , I am surprised. Daddy gives me a $20 and lets me get fried pies and a Dr. Pepper in a glass bottle from the Center Point grocery. I sip its sweet coldness and listen to him spin a yarn about how it’s never a good thing to start a fight, but ALWAYS a good thing to finish one. I am 35 , but 15 all at once, and time has flown both forward and back in ways I can’t explain. It is magic caught up in the smell of peaches, black coffee, homemade soap, and cherry pie, and I am altogether the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.