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Snow Days~

It’ s been so many days since I have  written here! I am seriously far behind! Things have been somewhat crazy here, we’ve had ice, snow, sleet, rain, and even more snow and ice for the last three weeks.  Very unusual weather for here in Arkansas , going on into the Spring season.  I am so ready for something warmer than frozen!  How about you guys? Are you all having a lot of winter precipitation ? Do you enjoy it? Or are you a sunshine, warmth and  flowers person?

On another note, I’ve had random snippets of poetry floating around in my head for a couple of months now. Bits of verse that are hovering around an idea trying to decide if they are going to coalesce or not.  Seeing all this weather just makes me feel slightly melancholy, and fills me with the urge to  somehow spin my colder thoughts into webs to keep me warm, if only for a little while.  So I just thought I’d share a completely out of the blue piece with you.  Hope you like it!


I am trying to get back in the groove of writing every day, and hope my health holds to let me practice every single day again.  I hope today finds you all very blessed, whatever weather has come your way.  Thinking of you all , and am so glad I got to check back in with my favorite peeps! Here’s to spring and hoping that we get that much needed sunshine soon!

original art by Ruby Jeanette Woods

Aromas, San Benito Co., CA; 18 Sep 2008; ~3cm wingspan.

all rights reserved 

Copyright 2015 

About Me~



You know , it’s coming round spring again. Or it’s trying to. The weather here in Arkansas can never seem to make up its mind this time of year. You know how it goes. Thirty degrees one day and seventy the next. Cold and grey, gloomy and wet. The wind seems to suck up any hope of anything new and fresh that dares to stick its head above ground. Sometimes that’s the way lupus makes me feel. My mind tries so very , very hard to stay positive, you know? Every day I wake up in a genuinely good mood. I really do. I am a seriously positive person. Ask anyone who knows me. That’s not bragging. It’s who I am. I was born that way. I don’t have a problem seeing the glass as half full. But , the problem is, that with lupus, you have two holes in the bottom of your glass. Constant pain, and mind -blowing fatigue. So no matter how hard you work to keep the glass full , it is constantly running empty. Empty. EMPTY. You’re tired. You’re running to the faucet. You’re filling your bucket. Dump it in the glass. Smile. The glass is full for a little while longer. But , only for a little while. Run. Run. RUN!! Empty again. Empty. empty. empty. smile. pick it up. pickituppickituppickitup……….that’s lupus. Then people begin to wonder. About why you feel stuck in between winter and spring. In that place between blue and grey. They haven’t been there , so they don’t see….. because they don’t have two holes in their glass…..they are only worried about the color, the color of their glass, the size of their glass, the shape of their glass, how much their glass cost…they just don’t see how much it cost me every day to keep my glass even halfway full…

About Me~

Today’s Ramblings, lol~

Well, I had been on a roll with the blog posting, but did not make it here yesterday. I don’t even really have an excuse , other than I spent most of the day sleeping. I was totally exhausted and don’t even really know why. Okay, the kids have been sick, and the hubby was sick , too. So, I guess if I’m taking care of them AND trying to take care of myself, that might be why, lol. Luckily, it’s just spring allergies or sinus , I think, not doctor worthy, just extra mommy time worthy. But, hey, that’s life.
I do think it’s funny how both my kids react completely differently to sickness. My oldest son was born prematurely, and has had numerous health problems, and surgeries. He can be practically dying before he’ll say anything about feeling bad. If he tells you he needs to see the doctor , you had better be taking him seriously, because it’s BAD. My youngest son, however, can stub his toe, and be nearly bedridden. Drama king, for sure. It’s very difficult to take what he says and be empathetic because usually it is just majorly funny! Just imagine, a hand thrown onto a forehead in a dramatic manner …..”Aaaarrrgh! My toe! I’m going to die!” And the Academy Award goes to………Denim! At least he provides entertainment value, anyway.
Well, I suppose that’s all that’s new in my neck of the woods today, hope everyone else is well, and enjoying spring. Have a great one everybody!

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Spring Has Sprung ( And Things Are Looking Up)~

Well, I had an all in all great day today. I got to see some of my family I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, then had an excellent visit at the cardiologists, got in early, got a good report, and got out early, that’s the best kind of doctor visit for sure! Then hubs treated me to a Books A Million trip where I scored two fat paper backs, and one juicy-sized hardback. I am set in the reading department for the next couple of days , anyway, lol 🙂
That being said , the doc released me from my “house arrest” if I promise to behave by limiting my activity. So, I ‘m free, but on restriction. In other words, I have to be careful not to pile on too much activity just because I’m feeling a scoonce better. ( Or, back to the hospital I will probably go. Ugh.)
I do so hate following the rules. I suppose I should look at it like my hubby says, most people would kill to have an excuse to lay up, take pills and get waited on hand and foot, so I should enjoy it while I can. 🙂 Oh, but it chaps me. I am restless, and itchy to be doing something with my body and not just my mind. My mind is never idle, so I can say I’ve gotten loads of ideas for new poetry , and pictures to render, while I’ve been convalescing, (now isn’t that a fancy word for laid-up?) , so I suppose my time hasn’t been entirely wasted.
I am still getting tired much more easily than usual, and hope that part of it wanes as I build my strength back up. ‘Cause seriously spring has sprung all around me, and I can hear a million things in the outdoors calling my name! I suppose I should get used to repeating this mantra, “Must not overdo. Must not overdo.” I’ll be dadgummed if I spend a minute of this glorious weather inside the hospital!
Hope everyone is enjoying their lives right now, and that the sun is shining wherever you are!

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I SOOOOOO Did Not Spring Forward~

This time change is LOUSY!! I can never seem to get my body back into the right rythym until days afterward. It’s raining here too. I had one of those nights where I just could NOT get comfortable. I had a good book, and tried to read myself to sleep which usually works like a charm. Not so last night. My poor little pregnant terrier was feeling it too, I guess. She couldn’t sleep either. She was in and out of the house to do her business, up and down trying to get comfortable, and so ended up spending part of the night sleeping while I rubbed her belly. That at least seem to help her some. I guess I could have raised a hue and cry myself, to see if someone would rub my belly, but it was hubs’ birthday yesterday , and I thought that might be kind of crappy of me. I figure he probably would’ve done it, but I can just imagine his expression…….heehee……”Hey, hon, I couldn’t sleep….it’s 3 am , rub my belly, while I rub the dog’s belly…..” Lol! I may have to do that next time just to see the look on his face……
Well, I seriously hope everyone had a better morning than me……if not, maybe we’ll all be back in the swing of things soon!