About Me~

Your Thoughts , Please~

I am thinking of writing a “book” of sorts. Kind of a handy guide to having lupus, tips and things I have learned over the nearly 15 years that I have had this disease. I am sharing some of the tips on my LUPUS sucks! FB page right now, calling it 31 days ~ and ways to help lupus suck less. I am new to the whole digital thing, as far as I don’t know how a lot of this stuff works. I haven’t done a ton of research yet, on e-books or self -publishing or things of that nature. So , I guess my question is , if it were reasonably priced , say at .99 cents or something , would anyone want to read it? I don’t know that I’m all that great of a writer, but I do know there are a lot of people with lupus, and auto immune diseases who ,just having been diagnosed could maybe benefit from some things I might say. I have never claimed to be a motivational speaker, or even an expert on lupus, but I have found some things that worked for me that I could share. So bottom line……what are your thoughts? Give me a shout. Worth the trouble, or not? I look forward to hearing your opinions! ((HUGS))
P.S. On the side of this page is the link for my FB page so you can get an idea of what I ‘m talking about! 🙂