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Sweet Home~


An old block building stands there among the pines. Just off the road. Just next to a little old country church. Painted white, with red gingham curtains , it sits quietly most days. You’d pass by it and think , well that doesn’t seem like much. You’d be wrong. It ‘s seen weddings, baby showers, dinners for passings of loved ones. Family reunions, Ladies club meetings, political get togethers and just general gee hawings. Today it saw the Spanhanks Family reunion . It’s been a long time since we’d all gotten together. For some of us it’d been years since we’d seen each other. Hugs were given , people reintroduced, babies kissed, food eaten , lies told , and laughter heard and rung out in the hall. The old piano that has sat so long in the corner , you could almost tell it was glad again to hear the voices of people in the room. Granny Jo , our matriarch was in her element today , making sure everybody had food. “Did ya get ya somethin’ ta drink” “There’s plenty more puddin’ over there!” Uncle Charles has finished up his dinner and has got his toothpick outta his hat and is chewin’ whilst tellin’ a tall tale of some sort. Uncle Ray has got his hands full of grandbaby while trying to eat at the same time, but if anyone can handle that , he can , he has has plenty of grandbabies to practice on. Things get quiet for a while, ’cause it’s hard to eat with your mouth full ya’ know. But it picks back up again when people head back for dessert. There’s coconut pie, and pumpkin, and 7-up cake which Granny makes every time. I tell ya’, if you left here hungry , it was your own fault. People start to round up, and head out to get a dip a’ snuff, or smoke them a little bit of a cig. The kids want to run off all the pie and caffeine they consumed. The ladies start to clean the kitchen up a little, and you can hear the old Sweet Home Community Building smile, because it knows, it matters after all.