Crossings ~

I’ve always been fascinated with eyes. From the time I was small , and realized I could draw , I was determined to get the shapes and forms of eyes realistically captured on paper. Human eyes, animal eyes.  I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love looking at people’s eyes when […]

Thirty Eight and Counting

  Thirty-eight. That’s the age I’ve turned this year, and 13 years longer than the doctors gave me to make it without a heart transplant. They told me , “MS. Woods , if you don’t get one , by 30 you’ll surely be dead. And that’s WITH pumping your body full of ungodly amounts of […]

Remind Me WHY I Took This Job?!?~

Did you ever wonder about all these super-villains in the movies and comics? Have you ever noticed that they all have the same goal? “To rule the world! Bwhahahahahahahahahaha, evil laughter here. I just got to thinking about it this morning. ( What with it being election day and all, lol) And I thought , […]