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four old ladies

Ohhhhh, I could get in serious deep water with this Plinky prompt. The prompt today is , Write about a time you acted first and thought later, giving into your impulses. Heh. WHICH time?!? I am like this all the time. Just ask anyone. If you've known me for more than five minutes, or read more than one or two of my blog posts, you've probably gotten the handle on the fact that , while I MEAN well, sometimes my mouth and my brain do NOT necessarily cooperate as a cohesive team. In other words, I 'm a lot of fun, but I suffer from foot -in – the- mouth- disease. A lot. My husband just looks at me sometimes and shakes his head. He has at times looked at me and said, " I can't believe you actually said / did that. I swear, I'm an adult. I'm 34 , and I've managed to never do anything illegal, immoral, or really, really stupid. (Honest!) I just don't have that filter between my brain and my mouth. I know my parents must have thought when I was growing up , Dear Lord , help us, what are we going to DO with her?!? ( My Dad's bald now, by the way, and my husband DIDN'T have gray hair, but now does…..) I dunno, I guess, maybe I'll mellow with age? Or maybe I'll be THAT lady. You know who I mean, that 80 year old lady that they say, "Watch her, you never know what she's going to say!"

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