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One Sentence~

Legend tells that Ernest Hemingway was once asked to write an entire story in one sentence. His reply: For sale,baby shoes, never worn.

What a poignant story told in only one line. I think as a writer sometimes I get caught up in the story , and we all know as bloggers we can’t or DON’T just write one line posts. We LIVE for Books A Million where we can stroll aisle after aisle of 4 and 5 hundred page tomes of fantasy, sci fi, history and the like . But it got me to thinking could I tell a story in one line? And it also made me think of epitaphs. Darrell Scott’s haunting song from television’s Justified was taken from a hillside gravestone, “You will never leave Harlan alive.” I’m going to post the video for that with this post. Of course there’s the funny one every one has seen “I told you I was sick! ” I guess it just goes to show maybe sometimes we DON’T have to go on and on , and maybe short really is sweet.