About Me~



Do you have junk in your life? Chances are you do. Maybe it’s not even the kind of junk you think I mean. The world’s a junked up place. We fill it up with more of it every day. And it STILL might not even be the kind you think I mean. People are junky. They say junky things to one another. “Hey , you’re fat.” “You don’t belong in MY world.” We junk our homes with things that don’t really improve our lives. Do we NEED that extra fourth television? We junk our bodies up with WAAAAAAYYYYY too much food. We can’t have one piece of pie, we gotta have the whole dadgum pie. We allow our own minds to junk pile negative thoughts until we are under a giant garbage pile of thing we’ve told ourselves . “You’ll never get any better from this disease. You’re stuck here. Junk . ” I had a period in my life where for the sake of my own health I had to limit my contact with certain people because they could only have junky thoughts and reactions. Every time I left from visiting with them, my own garbage pile seemed that much heavier. It truly wasn’t healthy for me. That might seem selfish, and maybe in a way it is. But junk is just something I’m not willing to risk my life for. I’m not going to add anymore to my life, or to anyone else’s . Maybe it’s something everyone ought to think about. Junk. What kind have you got, and why have you still got it? Junk. What kind are you unloading on someone else ?