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Well, it’s January . The start of a whole new year. People are busy making all kinds of crazy resolutions that they have no intentions of keeping, and are making their lives miserable by saying things like , “I will NEVER again, ” and “From NOW ON , I WILL…” blah de blah……when it is all a bunch of nonsense. What is January anyway? I mean you know really , if you think about it? That’s all man made junk anyhow. You could make new year resolutions in July , or September! EVERY day is a new day. EVERY day you can decide to NEVER again, or from NOW ON, it’s really just a mental thing. It has just never made sense to me, why, do people let the calender dictate so much of their lives ? Oh, it’s New Year’s ! Oh it’s Valentine’s ! It’s Christmas! Life’s too short for that kind of stuff really. If I’m with my husband out shopping and he notices that I want something, he’ll buy it for me. I used to say, but it’s not my birthday or Christmas! He’d say but we might not even be here come Christmas , and I have the money now. And when we had babies, and they were little, when they’d ask for a toy , and it wasn’t too much out of reach of our expenses , he’d buy it for them. People would say well what about their birthdays ? And he’d say, “Well, who knows what tomorrow might hold?” They didn’t seem to be too spoilt for it, it was more of a matter of , their Daddy felt like it’s only money anyway, and they are only little for a little while , why let the calender dictate WHEN he could make them happy? With illness in our family being the way it is, the months of the year have never meant to much to us. And when chances to make people happy come along, no matter how small, we take them. When chances to change our lives come along we take them, no matter what day or month of the year it is. Calendars are just pieces of paper after all, so live your life to the fullest no matter what square it falls on !

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Broken Fairy Tale~


It’s just a silly childhood rhyme,
we’ve all had a chance to say.
Something to deflect a sword,
that someone’s thrown our way.

“Sticks and stones
may break my bones,
but words will never
hurt me!”

It’s the greatest lie we ever tell,
that hurtful words don’t matter.
For I remember very well,
what was said, and how I shattered.

You never gave another thought,
to the pain that you had caused .
So busy polishing up your swordplay,
you left me, empty ,torn and raw.

Carried off from the field of battle,
in agony I realize,
what that shiny golden armor ,
REALLY hides inside.

Ruby Jeanette Woods

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I Made It~ (to church that is….)

Well, I must brag on myself just a little bit. I made BOTH sets of church services today! Whoo-hoo! Now for those of you who might be new here to my blog, I will explain why that is exciting. (For me, anyway 🙂 I have been experiencing some not-so-fun effects of the lovely auto-immune disease I’ve got, called lupus. It has already attacked my heart causing all kinds of great things to go on , and NOW it’s decided that Hooray! Lungs sound good for a snack! Ugh. So bring on the chest pain, trouble breathing, and wheezing. So , anywho, needless to say, I have NOT been a very chipper camper lately, and haven’t felt much like going to church, ( go figure.) Which actually really sucks, ’cause I like church. I like going and seeing everyone, and getting a chance to visit with them, and just kind of recharge ya’ know? To kind of just sit down, and go “Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.” And when I miss that , because of not feeling well, it makes my world seem that much smaller. So to actually make two services in a day feels like a huge accomplishment to me! People who suffer from any type of chronic illness or disability will understand, I know. Hey, when going to the grocery store is GIANT check -mark on your bucket list , you ‘ll know what I mean. So, anywho, I have a cardi appointment tomorrow, which is kind of a drag, but what do you do? When the meds obviously aren’t working anymore, you have to switch it up. I just honestly hope I don’t get a whole big load of different things to add to my already lengthy laundry list of pills. Did that even make any sense? Lol….sometimes when I type something I have to look twice at it, to make sure it sounded like it did in my head. ( It’s a wild, wild, world in there, I’m tellin’ ya’. ) I guess this ended up really kind of a totally random post, but point being, I made it to church. So there. ‘Nite everyone!