About Me~

Real Life, Virtual Reality, and That Whole FaceBook Thing~

I have never been a technologically savvy person. I don’t know how to troubleshoot electronics beyond the basic stuff. My skills are limited in this area. But today I got to thinking about what I ‘ve learned about life , from being on FaceBook. I think maybe there are a few lessons we can all take away from this particular virtual experience. And maybe , just maybe, a few things are better left in your own private world, and NOT in the virtual domain. On FaceBook, and in life, I’ve found the following things to be true.

1. Some people will “like ” you no matter what. ~ Doesn’t matter what you say, or do , they are the people you can count on . To be there either virtually or physically to support you. They always have a kind word, or encouraging thought to pass along.

2. Some people will never “like” you no matter what.~ Doesn’t matter what you say , or do. These people will never be satisfied with your life, or your decisions. They troll your statuses just to make your life more difficult, or so it seems.

3. Some things you “post” are going to make people unhappy. In life, or on FB, your thoughts and actions are never really your own. They are hashed and rehashed by everyone, who seems to think you could have done it differently, better, easier, quicker, etc. , etc. My rule of thumb for this is , either don’t post it, or don’t care what people say , if you do post!

4. Your friends list is not a marker for how well liked you are, or even an indicator of how many “real” friends you have. I have 300 and some-odd friends on FB. I know them all, but, I’m not intimate friends with all 300 and some of them though. I don’t care what people say. You CANNOT be REAL friends with 300 people. It’s just not possible! You can not have enough emotional or physical health to see that many individuals through on the scale of true friendship.

5. And finally , on FaceBook and in real life, some things are just better left unsaid. I mean seriously…..do I NEED to know that you got drunk and passed out last night? Do I want to know that you hate your ex girlfriend so much that you posted an incredibly awful post about her? Do I have to see the pictures of you with your head lolled over the porcelain throne over the weekend? NO. I don’t . I don’t want to see the pictures, I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to know. I think some things should remain firmly tucked away in people’s private lives. And what gets me is that it’s men posting the “drunk” photos or the “I hate my ex’s guts” rants. Not women. MEN! It seriously makes me want to revenge post pictures of women in childbirth. Graphic pictures of women giving birth. Bet that would make them think twice. Then when they say “Want to see a graphic picture of me intoxicated?” , I could say ” Want to see some graphic pics of women giving birth?” , “You DON’T?!?” , “Yeah, well, I don’t want to see yours either!”

All in all, the virtual world is a pretty cool place. I like hanging out here. But , some things should just stay virtual. As in ……virtually invisible…..:)