Against the Flow ~

  Fair warning.   I like to give fair warning. If  a post might seem long, or  scatter-brained, or even if some of the topics or wording might seem offensive to some.  I had no idea until just a few years ago that even the very discussion of illness is considered offensive to some.  There […]

Laugh Long…………and Prosper

  Happy day that’s the day before Friday, everyone! 😀  No, seriously. I quit really counting what day it is, unless I have a doctor’s appointment to go to , or someplace I just have to be. I remember when my Grandpa was still alive, he was a self-employed farmer, and he would always ask […]

The Best Things in Life are Free~

Hey howdy hey, everybuddy ! I hope today finds you doing the best you can , with what you have ,where you are. I’m perched on my ever present sofa, under so many covers that I look like “Burritos Gone Wild” .  🙂 My chest has decided to pull its lovely asthmatic routine, which of […]

The Substance of Things Hoped For~

      I was very , very ill yesterday. And literally slept from 7p.m. the night before, until 5 :30 p.m. last night. I don’t know whether it was a lupus flare, if I’m come down with any number of the bugs that have come through our area in the last couple of weeks, […]

Do What you Can, With What you Have

AAAAAAARRRRRGH! I missed a day!! UGH. I was on a roll , too. HEH. Well, what can you do. Sometimes your body just demands that you “lay low”, as my Daddy says. Anywho. I guess that makes today the letter, “E” right? I feel like we need a Muppet saying, “This was brought to you […]

Thirty Eight and Counting

  Thirty-eight. That’s the age I’ve turned this year, and 13 years longer than the doctors gave me to make it without a heart transplant. They told me , “MS. Woods , if you don’t get one , by 30 you’ll surely be dead. And that’s WITH pumping your body full of ungodly amounts of […]

Roosters in the Bathtub~

Here’s a poem I wrote a while back, just a little nonsense something! Roosters In My Bathtub~ There are roosters in my bathtub, and they’re splashing all about. They’re frothing up the bubbles, they’re hopping in and out. They’re leaving three-toed footprints, up and down the floor. They’re firing off their water guns at the […]