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I love to write. It really is one of my passions. I’ve wanted to write a book for a very long time, but I’ve been stuck. Not for lack of material, but lack of physical energy. My dear friend , and sister-separated-at-birth Jenn said perhaps what I needed to do was write about something purely for me. Just something fun.  So I’m taking her advice. I’m going to share things on my blog every day. It doesn’t have to be serious stuff, or even necessarily perfectly written.  I think writing is just like anything else, practice makes perfect.  So I’ll  just keep plugging away. Oh, I thought today you might like to see an interesting board I’ve put together on Pinterest.  I don’t know how many of you are followers of this social media site , but it’s actually quite addictive! You swear you’re going to just skim it for a few minutes and before you know it , you’ve been on there for hours! Anyhow, I’ve randomly become obsessed with doors, and have a whole board devoted to doors.


These are just a few of my favorites,

and here is my board with almost 200

different kinds of doors, so feel free to geek out! 🙂

About Me~

Something I'd Like to Learn More About

and a few things I wouldn’t …….I ‘ve got a whole huge list of things I ‘d like to learn more about! I don’t have enough hours in the day to take in everything I’d like to know.

I have children so I’m interested in herbal healing for them and myself. I homeschool so I’m always looking for new books or ideas for curriculum. I love to draw and paint, so anything in that department catches my eye. I cut all my family’s hair so I’d really like to get a couple of books on that subject as well. I love to try new recipes, so I’ve got a few cookbooks stacked at the end of my sofa …..along with some poetry books, three or four journals of my own, a sci fi series, some non fiction medical, gardening, textbooks, etc. My husband is always asking when I’m going to move my “library” off the floor from by the lamp!

So, I guess the question isn’t what would I like to learn more about? But what am I NOT interested in?

I can think of a few.

I’m not interested in why the world is so twisted. It just always has been , and always will be.

I’m not interested in hatred, or why people feel compelled to hurt one another. That’s just another one of those things.

I’m not interested in shallow people, or why they think the world revolves around them.

I’m not interested in those who only look to the beautiful people, thinking that they somehow have more answers than those of us who are plain.

I’m not interested in learning more about being petty, or selfish, or deceitful.

I only want to be learn about those things that will brighten up my corner of the world. Make someone laugh, or think about something in a different , more positive way.

I hope that somehow, some way, anything I know, or learn , only helps me accomplish those things!

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This post first blogged, December 21, 2011