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How Much Blood Did You Say You Needed?~

Well, I just arrived home from my most recent “luxury hotel stay” (aka. hospital stay. Hey, if the price fits…..) I guess I should start from the beginning, or at least give you the general idea. I have lupus. I have been diagnosed with it since I was 19. I’m 33. So, I’ve had my share of hospital, ER , and doctor visits. It becomes a regular part of your life, whether you want it to, or not. Lupus of any kind , is not fun. It turns your life into the worst kind of rollercoaster of physical , emotional, and spiritual proportions. And not only a roller coaster , but a roller coaster ride for a terribly motion sick person, who’s afraid of heights and fast moving vehicles.
Lupus can come in all kinds of forms. It can affect you anywhere in your body at any time. I have a particularly tricky kind, called systemic lupus erythemotous. With organ involvement. Mine particulary seems to have taken a shine to my heart, which is wear the trouble started this weekend.
I had my gallbladder taken out about a month ago, (completely un-related to lupus) , THEN I got the stomach flu, and THEN I got dehydrated. Of course, I was also exhausted , ( wonder why? 😉 ) and apparently your heart doesn’t operate at it’s best under those conditions. And if you already have a weakened heart, well…..fill in the blanks. So Saturday after another round of heaving my dinner up, I experienced the WORST chest pain I have ever felt. You know it’s bad when the EMS guys say rate your pain on a scale of 1-10 and you just know you would kick the guy if you could find the strength. We’re talking 18 wheeler rollin’ over ya’, ride to the top of the world G- force sized pain. And the vertigo and nausea?!? Fuhgeddaboutit. Like eating 2 dozen donuts, a whole bag of pink cotton candy, drinking a blue slushie and then deciding to go on the tilt- a – whirl. So, off for the ambulance ride, I went , to the local hospital, 10 miles away, so they can be sure I can make the 60 mile ambulance ride to the “big” hospital.
Well, after a day and a half of enjoying the hospital’s hospitality , (and thinking to myself multiple times, “How MUCH blood did you say you needed?!?”) 2 CT scans, 6 X rays, 2 Gamma scans ( different from an X ray, not sure how) , 1 chemically induced stress test, 2 stomach injections, one upper glute ( rear- end for us unsophisticated types) injection, 6 blood draws, 2 attempted IV tries , 1 successful, 6 doctors, a whole slew of nurses, techs, and people whose titles I may never know, I am home.
It was decided it all amounted to lupus. See , lupus can give you a bad time when you’re feeling comparatively healthy. But , when your immune system gets down from other factors, it just takes the reins and runs with it. And pretty much all you can do is just hang on, medicate yourself as the doctors order , and wait for it play out.
So anywho, despite all that, I think I ‘m on the mend, or getting there anyway. Well, at least I left with my sense of humor intact because when the doctors recommended that I take a little better care of myself, and maybe try to rest more, and do less, I just kind of looked at them cross-eyed, and said , “Uh, you DO know I have children, right?”

About Me~

Laughter in Pre-Op~ ( and I know the picture is kind of strange……lol :)

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I have to say that I love to laugh!  There is nothing like it, even when you feel terrible.  I get a lot of laughs from my husband, who has a really dry sense of humor.  I  love to be around my two boys because they have something witty, or weird to make me laugh just about anytime.  But, if I had to say there is one person I can absolutely depend on for a laugh anytime, it’s my Dad. He has the greatest funny stories, and jokes ever.  I have had to have a lot of surgeries, and medical things done in the past few years.  I call my Dad my comedic backup because when he comes with me, we always have a lot of laughs.  Yes, even in the OR waiting room, or pre op!    I had to have a serious surgery about 9 years ago, and my Dad, and hubby came with me.  It was snowing, with about an inch of ice under it, and a normally one hour drive, took 3 hours.  We arrived shaken but not stirred, and settled in to wait on my surgery time.  Daddy started telling his jokes and stories and before very long, hubs and I were nearly rolling.  You wouldn’t believe the dirty looks we got!  People just could not understand.  It was as if they thought, “How DARE we be having a good time in the hospital!!”  I understand that hospitals can be scary places.  Surgery itself is not fun.  Neither is being in pain.  But , I want people to realize something.  That even though we are having surgery , or in pain, or just going through something terrible, laughter can be a lot of fun.  It will take your mind off of what you are going through.  So, next time you find yourself in between a rock and a hard place, don’t forget to find the funny.  It might do you good!