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Lord Willin’, and the Creek Don’t Rise~

Well, hubs has been on vacay since Saturday, and we’ve been having a really great time spending the days with our boys, and doing stuff together. We’ve been fishing, took the boys to the Science Museum to see the pirates/underwater excavation exhibit, gone flea-marketing, laughed a lot, and just generally enjoyed being with one another. We also attended youth rally, dog-sat for the preacher, spent time in the library, and the kiddos have been swimming. Next week , we have VBS, and the week after that , we have church camp, ( their first time to go.) Whew. I sure hope I “live” to tell about all these upcoming adventures! 🙂 We did decide that in the middle of July we would probably start school back up again, as it will be too hot to do anything outside anyway. It is already reaching the triple digits here in the sweltering land of the South, so I can only imagine what July and August are going to look like! Ugh. I love the South but sometimes I swear it’s like living in a cross between the Sahara and the tropics. The heat AND humidity together are killer. So that’s our plan for the following months, well, the plan if, as they say here, “Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.” (Probably not much danger in that , no more rain than we are getting!) How about you ? Have you got a lot of plans for the summer, or are your only plans to do as little as possible? Absolutely nothing wrong with that! I may have to try that sometime! Hope this finds you all having a great day, no matter where you are!


So That’s Why!~

Wow. We had QUITE the storm last night! You know yesterday I said it was muggy and oppressively hot? Well, turns out, that was some kind of a harbinger , I guess. About 5:30 pm here yesterday it got completely dark outside, major wind blew through, and some serious sounding hail. It lasted til about 6 :15.( Ohhhh, so that’s why it was 90 degrees in May!) We didn’t get any damage, thankfully, other than a lot of limbs knocked out of the trees, but our power was off and on for an hour or so. There was a report from a friend of mine whose husband is a lineman with the power company, that there were 1100 outages reported from our area. My sister and brother in law had a tree fall on their living room, but they were all okay, thank the Lord. My mom and dad were camping at the lake in their RV, (of all things!!) , when all this was going on. I guess they’re a lot braver than me! I’d have probably huddled in the campground bathroom waiting it out, before I stayed in the camper!
Not sure what the effect of all that hail is going to be on my fledgling garden. I’ll have to go over and check it later, I guess. It’d sure be a shame to have all that good rain, and then for the hail to have beaten my plants down ! Well, anywho. That’s the way it is, I suppose. We take what comes, and deal, lol. 🙂 I hope this finds everyone snug as bugs where ever you are!