I would like to start this post by saying, that ANYONE who knows me, knows I don’t get offended easily.  Pretty much anything , anybody says, just rolls right off my back.

However, I just recently read an article , with MEMES to go along with it, that just totally rubbed my fur the wrong way.

And once you read it, I am fairly sure you will feel the same way.

To start this off, I always thought the idea behind childbirth was to have a HAPPY, HEALTHY child. One for the parents to love, and one to love the parents.

WELL, this fella ‘ here has just set childbirth, and childrearin’ back 100 years and caused a great deal of unhappiness between women. When you read it , you will understand, and be just as outraged as I was.  Seriously, this man is half a bubble off of plumb, a donut short of a full box, and as my Daddy would say, “His bread’s in the oven , but the gas ain’t on. ”  The word chauvinist doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it.


Because apparently , those of us who had C sections are INFERIOR.


Because , apparently, we didn’t REALLY LOVE our babies, we are just selfish for making  different choice.


Because apparently , we’re just drug-addled women , who are lazy and chemically dependent.

So we have no business having doctors interfere in the “natural” process of birth, even though our children came early and would have died without medical intervention.  We’re just lazy like that.  Needless to say, I refuse to feel sorry for my childbirth experience , as my sons are 16 and 14 and are completely healthy , despite the fact that (SHOCK AND HORROR!!!!) they were both born by Ceasarian section.

So perhaps there is hope after all!

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From Now On~

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all moms out there!
If you gave up high heels and makeup for sweatpants and scrunchies, if you gave up breakfast in bed and sleeping late for Froot Loops and early Saturday morning cartoons, if you gave up date nights for two, and long romantic evenings for crowded family table dinners and an even more crowded queen -sized bed , I salute you!
If you know that sometimes kisses ARE just as good as band-aids, and that chocolate milk can sometimes be even better than the two combined, you know what REAL motherhood is all about . If you ever catch yourself wishing for banana baby food kisses, and a small , bald drooly man, you’ve been a Mom.

If you ever felt like strangling your kid, while inside feeling secretly proud that they out-argued you, you can count yourself blessed.

If you have been burped up on, cried to, had eyes rolled ( supposedly covertly!) at you, been made to feel old, had your hand held during a scary movie, dealt out boo-boo cream and popsicles at the same time, ever heard the words, “I’ll do it myself!” more than once in the same 10 minute time frame, been insanely nervous, and totally confident all at once, then Congratulations!! You’ve joined an exclusive club. Once you’re a member , you can never be evicted. For once you are a mother, you will always BE a mother. You can be divorced, and not be a wife, you can be fired , and no longer be employed. But once you are a mom, you are a mom for eternity.

Thanks to all the great moms out there, keep on, keepin’ on!

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Falling Behind~

I had fully intended to write every day in February!  But it seems like every time I make that promise to myself, something comes up, and I end up falling behind.  I have not felt well at all the last few weeks. I never knew that your gallbladder could cause you such trouble! Or that trying to get someone to take it out would take such a long time to get set up.  Usually doctors are lining up to take my money but not this go around.

So, on to my list of people I appreciate for the last few days!  I have to list my kiddos.  They have been so patient with me, and understanding about how bad I’ve felt.  They’ve done laundry, dishes, and all the other chores without complaint.  They’ve waited on me and just generally been sweet.

And my friends have all called and volunteered to do all kinds of things . From watching the boys to doing my grocery shopping.  I am a seriously blessed individual.

But anyway, if I don’t get here for the next few days, I HOPE it’s because I’m getting my gallbladder taken out!

I’ll catch up on my gratitude list when I get to feeling better! Hope this finds everyone having a good day!

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29 Days~

Today is the first day of February.  I know the 14th is Valentine’s Day, and that is the “traditional” day to give gifts , cards, and sentiments.  But in case you haven’t noticed, I ‘m not much for tradition just for the sake of it.  I like to do things differently, so I’ve decided for every day in February I would write about something that I love or appreciate in those I have in my life.

I’m going to start off with my husband of 15 years.  I guess the first thing I want to say is when he said in sickness and in health, the poor man definitely did NOT know what he was getting himself in for!  In our 15 year together, I have had 5 surgeries, spent many , many weeks in the hospital, had literally HUNDREDS of doctor’s visits, been in a wheelchair, used a walker, been unable to drive or care for myself for weeks at a time, unable to cook, clean, do laundry , and basically just been of no physical use to anyone for long periods. I ‘ve ballooned up to nearly 200 pounds and temporarily lost a lot of my hair.  Without complaint he has held my hand while I was in tremendous pain, held my head while I vomited, and just held me while I cried.  He has pushed me in a wheelchair up and down the hallways and sidewalks of Children’s Hospital, when our son was hospitalized there after his premature birth.  He has worked at crummy jobs just so we have money to eat, and pay bills.

All this from a man who never set out to get married, or have children of his own.  When the going got tough, he didn’t give in, give up , or give out.  He never said once that he was sorry for marrying me, or that this was not what he signed up for.  He has never said that anything was too hard, or been anything less than supportive.  He never tells me “Why can’t you just get over this?”, or  “This is your fault.”

So for anyone who says that there is no real love left in this world, I would have to say you’re wrong.  I have seen real love.  I have had the privilege of living with it every day , in every moment, for the last 15 years of my life.

And even though these words would never be enough to show it, I want to say them anyway.  “I love you .  And for all you ‘ve done, thanks , babe.”