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“O Death! or Good Riddance to 2016”




Come and gone,

and leaving in its wake ,

so many sorrows.

The Starman became Stardust….

and the Caterpillar went through The Looking Glass.

The Mockingbird flew away,

and old Blue Eyes flew too.

Purple Rain,

a Butterfly and a Bee,

“O,Death. O,Death,

won’t you spare me over ’til another year?

The Candy Man

took the sunshine with him,

and we were left singing a “broken Hallelujah.”

This year;this long and stumbling year,

refused to let go.

One last stab,

one more slice.

A Princess beloved ,

she had become a General ,

and stolen our hearts

all over again.

Twenty -sixteen, you have gone,

and left a bitter taste in our mouths.

Twenty- seventeen ………………..

Please? Be kind.