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Tomatoes and Time~

I am loving this weather! The garden is looking pretty good, I must say. Hubs has done an excellent job so far. I so hope to have tomatoes,peppers and onions for salsa. Nothing quite beats homemade salsa on a summer night. Unless, it’s fried squash, or cold homemade pickles. I know with the prices of everything these days, it probably really is cheaper to buy stuff than to grow it, but the taste is NOT the same, I don’t care what people tell you. It’s kind of why we grow our own eggs instead of buying them, even though chicken feed is expensive. You can even SEE the difference in a home farm egg, and a commercially grown egg. The yolks are bigger, more yellow, and more firm. They literally look like sunshine on the plate. If you ever put the two side by side, you’ll see exactly what I mean. Oh, and the richness of the taste of them , it’s out of this world! I just love a bright yellow farm egg omelet with fresh garden tomatoes. Dang. I ‘ve got my mouth watering now, lol. 🙂
We really are blessed to be able to grow our own eggs, chicken meat and veggies. We are thinking about doing all heirloom varieties next year, and seeing how that works. I love being a farm gal, and getting my hands dirty. There is just something about it, it’s almost like a medicine for me. The smells and tastes of country air. We just live a lot slower, here, and take our own time with things. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted , even though I once had someone tell me that I didn’t know anything about the “REAL” world, because I had never lived anywhere but here in the “boonies”. But , you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world. I think I’d shrivel inside if I had to live in the “REAL” world.


So That’s Why!~

Wow. We had QUITE the storm last night! You know yesterday I said it was muggy and oppressively hot? Well, turns out, that was some kind of a harbinger , I guess. About 5:30 pm here yesterday it got completely dark outside, major wind blew through, and some serious sounding hail. It lasted til about 6 :15.( Ohhhh, so that’s why it was 90 degrees in May!) We didn’t get any damage, thankfully, other than a lot of limbs knocked out of the trees, but our power was off and on for an hour or so. There was a report from a friend of mine whose husband is a lineman with the power company, that there were 1100 outages reported from our area. My sister and brother in law had a tree fall on their living room, but they were all okay, thank the Lord. My mom and dad were camping at the lake in their RV, (of all things!!) , when all this was going on. I guess they’re a lot braver than me! I’d have probably huddled in the campground bathroom waiting it out, before I stayed in the camper!
Not sure what the effect of all that hail is going to be on my fledgling garden. I’ll have to go over and check it later, I guess. It’d sure be a shame to have all that good rain, and then for the hail to have beaten my plants down ! Well, anywho. That’s the way it is, I suppose. We take what comes, and deal, lol. 🙂 I hope this finds everyone snug as bugs where ever you are!

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Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve been here. Spring is in full swing here, and the humidity and heat is already oppressive. I told the hubs, I remember when it gets this way, why I like Winter. The heat, and added humidity make my bones feel terrible. It really isn’t anecdotal. (Isn’t that the word that doctors use?) I can tell anytime it is going to rain, snow or anything like that. I used to kind of look skeptically at old people who claimed that their “bones” were hurting them and it was going to rain. Not anymore. Since the lupus has come along I’ve found it to really be true.
On the good side, we got our garden planted and the rain has been just right for growing so far. Last year , it rained so much at first, you couldn’t get anything planted. Then it was so dry and hot that everything burned up nearly straightaway. We planted 12 tomato plants, and all season reaped 3 sad looking tomatoes. So, hopefully , this year the weather will all even out and we will enjoy our harvest of fresh veg.
How about at your place ? Are you gardening this year? Has the weather been to suit you?
I hope today finds you all feeling well, and enjoying the weather whatever it might be! 🙂