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It’s good to be back here at my WordPress post.  It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written anything here. Not since I’ve written anything  , PERIOD, as I can’t go a day without somehow sharing my thoughts to paper. Hubs was on vacay this last week, and we had a really awesome time together. We didn’t really go do a ton of stuff, in large part because he works so hard the rest of the time, that when he does get a week off, he just wants to rest!

While we were out riding around ( something people do for kicks here) , we saw a gorgeous rainbow. I mean,  a – Technicolor-you couldn’t have computer-generated-it – bright, rainbow. We have had a lot of rain here , with flooding , and so on, and that particular evening it drizzled while the sun was shining, in just the right way to produce that dazzling show.  I saw where some people had seen the rainbow , and taken pictures of course, and posted them to FaceBook. Which is awesome. I have nothing against FaceBook or taking pictures and posting them there, for sure.  But a funny thought occurred to me. These days it almost seems as if people feel compelled to think “If I don’t get a picture of that on FaceBook, folks will never believe it happened!!”  Well, I DIDN’T get a photograph , and I promise you, it really DID happen.  Hubs and I went out to eat a few times while the kids were gone to camp, and it just blew my mind how so many people have their phones out at the tables , just a ‘textin’ away, or doing whatever one does on those mini-computers that they tote.  It seems as if they are permanently attached to everyone’s hands these days.  No one even looks anyone else in the eye while they are eating, it’s “Shovel, shovel, thumbs ‘a’flyin’ , talking to the digital person when there’s a GENUINE , in the flesh person at the dinner table with them.  I am really NOT that old, (36) and I can remember when  you ate and made CONVERSATION. ( shock and horror, I know!)   🙂    And people made memories all the time . No one had an iPhone to capture them. So does that mean they didn’t really happen?  Of course not.  All this digital stuff is great , to a point.  But it’s just floating around in the ether somewhere.  We need to remember that the things that really matter are the PEOPLE, the memories themselves.  Something you will have long after that crazy , ball -and-chain-phone is a memory all its own.  🙂

About Me~

Not Just a Number~


You know there are just some people whom you meet in life , that the minute you meet them, you know that you are going to be friends. You’ve heard people say it, the saying is “You click.” They get your jokes, and you just carry on conversations , not even realizing that you have things in common , because the visits just flow so smoothly, it’s like you’ve been friends for years. I’ve not been blessed to meet very many people like that, but was just lucky enough to meet one not very long ago. I like having friends, and wish that I had more close ones. But having a close friend can be a lot of effort. Or at least if you do it well and honestly. The true give and take of caring about another person and their family life is not something you take on lightly. I think in today’s FaceBook world, when people say, “Oh, I’ll “friend” you , it has kind of lessened the meaning of that word. But to really be someone’s friend means a lot more than just being a number on someone’s “wall” Or to me it does. When I am your friend, really your friend, you can count on me to really be there for you. Maybe I won’t be that “close” friend with everyone , but I’ll be more than just a number or a name on your wall.