I would like to start this post by saying, that ANYONE who knows me, knows I don’t get offended easily.  Pretty much anything , anybody says, just rolls right off my back.

However, I just recently read an article , with MEMES to go along with it, that just totally rubbed my fur the wrong way.

And once you read it, I am fairly sure you will feel the same way.

To start this off, I always thought the idea behind childbirth was to have a HAPPY, HEALTHY child. One for the parents to love, and one to love the parents.

WELL, this fella ‘ here has just set childbirth, and childrearin’ back 100 years and caused a great deal of unhappiness between women. When you read it , you will understand, and be just as outraged as I was.  Seriously, this man is half a bubble off of plumb, a donut short of a full box, and as my Daddy would say, “His bread’s in the oven , but the gas ain’t on. ”  The word chauvinist doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it.


Because apparently , those of us who had C sections are INFERIOR.


Because , apparently, we didn’t REALLY LOVE our babies, we are just selfish for making  different choice.


Because apparently , we’re just drug-addled women , who are lazy and chemically dependent.

So we have no business having doctors interfere in the “natural” process of birth, even though our children came early and would have died without medical intervention.  We’re just lazy like that.  Needless to say, I refuse to feel sorry for my childbirth experience , as my sons are 16 and 14 and are completely healthy , despite the fact that (SHOCK AND HORROR!!!!) they were both born by Ceasarian section.

So perhaps there is hope after all!

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Opposite Ends~

I’m a little confused I guess,
I don’t understand why.
Why you hurt me all the time,
and try to make me cry?
I know that I’m not perfect,
but I never claimed to be.
I only know one way to live,
And that’s just to be me.
I get that we’re polar opposites,
you’re the sun and sandy beach.
I’m winter cold and drifting,
the moon you cannot reach.
I’m sorry I can’t be the person,
that you need me to be,
I don’t know how to change it,
so I’m setting myself free.
I’m one thing and you’re another,
and I ‘m tired of playing games,
I ‘ll always be just who I am,
I’ll always be the same.
It hurts that you don’t want me,
but I have to let it go,
my heart can only take so much,
of this bruising in my soul.
So now you’re free to be the person,
that you want so much to be,
I’m just here in the shadows,
you don’t have to worry about me.
I’m going on with what I have,
and leaving you behind,
I hope you have much happiness,and peace to soothe your mind.
I’ll always have a prayer for you,
I know you’ll have the same,
I ‘ll keep the good times in my heart,
and won’t forget your name.
Ruby Jeanette Woods
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Not Just a Number~


You know there are just some people whom you meet in life , that the minute you meet them, you know that you are going to be friends. You’ve heard people say it, the saying is “You click.” They get your jokes, and you just carry on conversations , not even realizing that you have things in common , because the visits just flow so smoothly, it’s like you’ve been friends for years. I’ve not been blessed to meet very many people like that, but was just lucky enough to meet one not very long ago. I like having friends, and wish that I had more close ones. But having a close friend can be a lot of effort. Or at least if you do it well and honestly. The true give and take of caring about another person and their family life is not something you take on lightly. I think in today’s FaceBook world, when people say, “Oh, I’ll “friend” you , it has kind of lessened the meaning of that word. But to really be someone’s friend means a lot more than just being a number on someone’s “wall” Or to me it does. When I am your friend, really your friend, you can count on me to really be there for you. Maybe I won’t be that “close” friend with everyone , but I’ll be more than just a number or a name on your wall.


Oh, Man. The Things You Read.~


FaceBook is an interesting place. You can keep up with the news , and learn more about people than you ever wanted to know. There’s a game going on FaceBook right now where someone gives you a random number, and you give them that many facts about yourself that they might not now. I read a lot of them and got to thinking to myself , “I don’t know if I know 8 or 10 facts about myself that NOBODY knows. So I decided to see if I could come up with some. It took me a while , but I finally did, so here goes.

1. I learned to read when I was 3 years old.
2. I don’t like artificially colored green foods, something about that is just weird.
3. Before I had children , I read 20 books a week.
4. I still remember my boyfriend’s /friend’s birthdays from 20 years ago ( even though it makes me look like a stalker)
5. I’ve had the same two best friends my entire life.
6. I’m totally obsessed with Vincent D’Onofrio’s character Robert Goren from Law and Order CI.
7. I don’t have any tattoos, but want to get a lupus one.
8. I have an insanely sensitive sense of smell. I can smell a bad odor from a mile away , even when no one else can.
9. I always give money to panhandlers.
10. When I was little, I thought I would grow up to be one of three things, an astronaut, a paleontologist, or a missionary in a foreign country.

So there you go ten fun/weird/random facts about my life.

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Parachute Problems~

BeFunky_Balloon GraphicsFairy006c.jpg

Just because no one complains , doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect. ~ Benny Hill

Do you know anyone with a perfect life? Or someone whose life SEEMS to be perfect? I’ve met a few people like that. You see the shiny varnished outside of their lives, and think, “Man. Why can’t my life be like that?” They just seem to have it all together , don’t they? The perfect house, children, job, spouse, clothes, vehicle, etc. , etc. You run into them at town , in the checkout line and they are picking up the ingredients for cookies for their kids , on their way to a ball game, looking impeccable in their totally matched outfit, with the bag that just “goes” with said clothes. Or, you’re reading on FaceBook about how they’re sewing their child’s costume for Halloween while baking two pies, and of course they take a photo with their iPhone of them in their coordinated hair and makeup, in their spotless kitchen , with their Colgate bright smiles. Meanwhile, I’m in my living room , on my sofa, in my sweats and workout top, (workout top ~ meaning, I worked out, walking from the sofa to the bathroom, without passing out) thinking I am perfectly coordinated all right, my lupus is coordinated with my fibromyalgia, my heart failure is coordinated with my nausea, it’s all coordinating to make my life a nightmare , at the present moment. UGh. But, then, I kick myself in the rear, and remind myself, that just because these people SEEM to have it all together, does NOT make it so. FaceBook is the Hollyweird of the everyday set , if you think about it. Not saying that everyone or everything that people post on there is fake , but a lot of it is “airbrushed” , so to speak, in order to show our best sides to the world. So, I’ve gotten to where I just have to tell myself, I am alright where I am. My kids are happy, healthy, and doing well. ( And on the days when I’M not well, they’re ALIVE…..:) And I’ll remind myself a little more often, I think, that just because no one’s complaining, doesn’t mean all the parachutes are perfect!

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FaceBook Envy~

There is a strange condition sweeping the world these days. It causes discontent, unhappiness, strained marriages, and confused children. It’s a terrible state of being. It’s called FB Envy. Otherwise known as , FaceBook overload. You know , when you see all your friends pictures and statuses such as, “Went to Disney World! Had a fabulous time!” or ” Tanning on the beach in sunny Cali! Too bad you can’t be here!” or how about, “Went shopping, and scored some major deals on clothes at Kohl’s!” . Then there are the children’s pictures. “Check out my new iPod! Just got the latest from the ‘rentals and it’s cool!” or ” How ’bout these wheels mom and dad just got me! Major, right?” Everywhere you look someone is posting something about how great and awesome their life is. Their jobs, their homes, and even their vehicles are filled with the hippest , latest, and most expensive everything.
Now I’m not saying that family vacations are wrong. I’m not saying it’s not nice to want good clothes, or a really fancy car. But , I can’t help but wonder? What is the motivation behind the wanting of these things? Is it because it ‘s REALLY a better product or service? Or is it really because we want to rub it in our neighbors or friends faces? As in , “Look where I’m going, and what I’m wearing.” That whole “nyah,nyah,na , nyah , nyah” preschool mindset. It’s not good enough that we have a reliable car that gets us down the road to where we want to go. It’s not good enough that our children our clean and presentable. No. It has to be “THE” best brand, “THE” ‘it’ item. And for what?
Being on FaceBook has really opened my eyes to this issue. Yes , it’s great that you went on vacation. I’m happy for you. And no. I’m not just jealous . We could take a vacation like that. It’s just the “MANNER” in which it’s presented on FaceBook.
There are those who are homeless. Hungry. Hurting. Without sufficient care for themselves or their loved ones, and we feel “put out” if our home has only one bathroom. Seriously? We have indoor plumbing, running water, a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, freedom of worship! My dad and his family lived in a house once when he was growing up that in the winter ,the snow drifted through the cracks onto the beds while they slept. In the past , 10 people might have lived in a house the size of the one in the picture above, and been happy to have it.
I just came back from 3 days of church camp, and the statements that I heard some of the young people utter, blew my mind! Talking about $100 dollar shoes, and $300 dollar telephones as if that were nothing. Griping because they had to share the bathroom, or the showers.
I guess it made me realize that if THAT is how the young generation feels about money, and the many, many gifts we’ve been given, and if we can’t be ANY more grateful than that? Maybe there’s a reason our country is in the shape that it’s in. Just sayin’.

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Real Life, Virtual Reality, and That Whole FaceBook Thing~

I have never been a technologically savvy person. I don’t know how to troubleshoot electronics beyond the basic stuff. My skills are limited in this area. But today I got to thinking about what I ‘ve learned about life , from being on FaceBook. I think maybe there are a few lessons we can all take away from this particular virtual experience. And maybe , just maybe, a few things are better left in your own private world, and NOT in the virtual domain. On FaceBook, and in life, I’ve found the following things to be true.

1. Some people will “like ” you no matter what. ~ Doesn’t matter what you say, or do , they are the people you can count on . To be there either virtually or physically to support you. They always have a kind word, or encouraging thought to pass along.

2. Some people will never “like” you no matter what.~ Doesn’t matter what you say , or do. These people will never be satisfied with your life, or your decisions. They troll your statuses just to make your life more difficult, or so it seems.

3. Some things you “post” are going to make people unhappy. In life, or on FB, your thoughts and actions are never really your own. They are hashed and rehashed by everyone, who seems to think you could have done it differently, better, easier, quicker, etc. , etc. My rule of thumb for this is , either don’t post it, or don’t care what people say , if you do post!

4. Your friends list is not a marker for how well liked you are, or even an indicator of how many “real” friends you have. I have 300 and some-odd friends on FB. I know them all, but, I’m not intimate friends with all 300 and some of them though. I don’t care what people say. You CANNOT be REAL friends with 300 people. It’s just not possible! You can not have enough emotional or physical health to see that many individuals through on the scale of true friendship.

5. And finally , on FaceBook and in real life, some things are just better left unsaid. I mean seriously…..do I NEED to know that you got drunk and passed out last night? Do I want to know that you hate your ex girlfriend so much that you posted an incredibly awful post about her? Do I have to see the pictures of you with your head lolled over the porcelain throne over the weekend? NO. I don’t . I don’t want to see the pictures, I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to know. I think some things should remain firmly tucked away in people’s private lives. And what gets me is that it’s men posting the “drunk” photos or the “I hate my ex’s guts” rants. Not women. MEN! It seriously makes me want to revenge post pictures of women in childbirth. Graphic pictures of women giving birth. Bet that would make them think twice. Then when they say “Want to see a graphic picture of me intoxicated?” , I could say ” Want to see some graphic pics of women giving birth?” , “You DON’T?!?” , “Yeah, well, I don’t want to see yours either!”

All in all, the virtual world is a pretty cool place. I like hanging out here. But , some things should just stay virtual. As in ……virtually invisible…..:)