Remind Me WHY I Took This Job?!?~

Did you ever wonder about all these super-villains in the movies and comics? Have you ever noticed that they all have the same goal? “To rule the world! Bwhahahahahahahahahaha, evil laughter here. I just got to thinking about it this morning. ( What with it being election day and all, lol) And I thought , “Why?” Why would you WANT to rule this crazy mixed up planet? Seriously. I love people, well, most of them, anyway, but I have absolutely NO desire to be in charge of any more of them than I am now. I mean , I do well to keep my two rugrats in line, much less the third rock from the sun. Super-villains would need more than just some kind of weapon to keep everyone in line, they ‘d also need mad people skills, which I don’t know if you’ve noticed, most of them seem to lack. By the way , this is not meant to be a political plug, as I don’t argue politics OR religion. I don’t think you’ll change anyone’s opinions on those two particular subjects, so best to steer clear. I guess my whole thought was that I don’t understand the desire to BE in a position of power. Yeah, you’d get all the glory, but you’d also get all the blame. Especially if you’re Loki. 😉