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Puttin’ On My FIghtin’ Panties~


Wow. What a whack a doodle weekend. Well actually two whackadoodle weekends in a row. I have never been so sick of hospitals , nurses ,and doctors in my whole life. The funny thing is the two weekends could not have been more varied. Last weekend 4th floor of the hospital, I got nice nurses, wonderful doctors, awesome treatment, everything explained in execellent fashion , all gold stars all around, diagnosis of extreme dehydration , complete weakness , body gone down to the bare nubs with a viral infection. So last weekend, I got antibiotics , tons of fluids, and treated very well with much rest and respect. This weekend, I get an Emergency call at my home at 7 pm saying my labs were seriously out of order, my INR clotting factor needing to be a 2 and was a 19, so basically I could bump my leg and bleed to death. GET TO THE HOSPITAL TO BE ADMITTED ASAP> 2nd floor nurses, not so awesome, couldn’t get their junk together , total spazzes, tourniqetted up my arm , but forgot that you need vacutubes BEFORE you draw the blood and just left me wrenched up that way, while she went to get her forgotten tools. In and out , up and down all friggin night, no sleep , Then the doctor decides he doesn’t have to come in to speak with me, and can just order his lackeys to basically come in and run me over roughshod with a bunch of tests that I had already had once , that he wanted repeated for no good reason. But the doctor didn’t want to plan a plan for my care just go all willy nilly. Well I lost it. For one thing they all talked OVER me or AT me instead of TO me, as if I were a mindless vegetable in the bed. I guess my righteous lupus indignation rose up and I proceeded to have a lupus hissy. I said , You do not talk to me like I am stupid. I am right here, and if you want to do something you talk to ME. These tests were done once, why are we repeating them? And these nurses, all night, in and out, couldn’t get their gear together, I got no sleep. For NO reason. THEY ARE supposed to KNOW their jobs. So until people can get their crap together , and get me a coherent plan , don’t come talk to me. They all looked at me like I had grown a third head, but seriously! Lupus has fried my body, NOT my brain! I am sick not stupid. And when your doctor comes in and just doesnt’ really inspire confidence that he knows what is going on with your VERY complicated situation, you don’t just sit there and think , “Hmmmm, should I put my life in this guys hands or what?” “Let me think, hmmmmmm?” I THINK not!” Well, today the nurse must have told him what I said because he was totally different this morning, very deferential. And I HATE being a bully, but DAGNABBIT, this is their JOB! People’s lives hang in the balance. This isn’t checkers, folks. Get it right the first time please. Or I promise I WILL put on my LUPUS fighting panties and go at it with you . It ain’t purty , but it gets the job done. I’m thinking of giving lupie assertiveness classes , seems like there may be call for them, lol Love you all ❤ 🙂 and as always (hugs) ~ Ruby Jeanette

About Me~


You know when people tell you” Enjoy it now, they’ll be grown before you know it?” Well, I am finding out how incredibly accurate that saying is. My oldest son is going to be 14 at the end of this year, and the youngest 12 years old. I guess it just sinks in with me……..the firstborn will be getting a driver’s permit, some small jobs, a vehicle………..a girlfriend!(shudder, shudder) The craziest thing about it, is that it just happens so gradually. It’s a moment by moment, little by little process. Every day they learn a small something that takes them closer to their goals of being an adult. Steadily moving forward to that uncharted land of adulthood. To me that’s almost more heart wrenching. It’s like peeling a Band-Aid slowly. It would almost be better to just rip it off , one swift jerk, then it would be to do it soooooooooooooo carefully. I mean , don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying every day of being a parent, and I love my kids more than anything, and I don’t REALLY want them to be grown already. I guess really what I’m trying to say is , I’m being selfish. I want to keep them as pacifier sucking , onesie wearing, sippie cup drinking, kissable babies. I wish sometimes that we were still doing the baby powder bottoms, and the tiny shoes and clothes. I miss the “Hold me Mommy’s !” and the “Kiss my owies.” Of course , there are some things I DON”T miss. I don’t miss 2 am feedings. Or the constant , “NO! Don’t do that’s !” I am grateful that they are maturing into young men and not just young boys. I hope whatever time I have had with them , has made them people the universe needs. And I pray that whatever time I have left to shape them, I put it to good use. So, I know that for every day that I pull the Band-Aid back a little further, that they are growing up, and maybe, just maybe, I am too.