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Opposite Ends~

I’m a little confused I guess,
I don’t understand why.
Why you hurt me all the time,
and try to make me cry?
I know that I’m not perfect,
but I never claimed to be.
I only know one way to live,
And that’s just to be me.
I get that we’re polar opposites,
you’re the sun and sandy beach.
I’m winter cold and drifting,
the moon you cannot reach.
I’m sorry I can’t be the person,
that you need me to be,
I don’t know how to change it,
so I’m setting myself free.
I’m one thing and you’re another,
and I ‘m tired of playing games,
I ‘ll always be just who I am,
I’ll always be the same.
It hurts that you don’t want me,
but I have to let it go,
my heart can only take so much,
of this bruising in my soul.
So now you’re free to be the person,
that you want so much to be,
I’m just here in the shadows,
you don’t have to worry about me.
I’m going on with what I have,
and leaving you behind,
I hope you have much happiness,and peace to soothe your mind.
I’ll always have a prayer for you,
I know you’ll have the same,
I ‘ll keep the good times in my heart,
and won’t forget your name.
Ruby Jeanette Woods
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The FLU, The SHIHTZU, and The EWWWW.


Oh , I had forgotten how much fun it was to have sick kiddos when you are sick yourself. Remember when you were single, and you got sick, and you could just take your meds , and return to the glorious fluffy warmth of the bed that calls you from the bathroom after you’ve barfed your brains out? Remember how , when you DIDN’T have kids, and you just took THERA FLU , unplugged the phone, and shut off all the lights , that wonderful feeling of the darkness swallowing you up , and then waking up , about 14 hours later , thinking how fabulous it was to be nearly flu free? YEAH, ME either. I have kids . They have the flu. One of them is barfing all over the kitchen floor, while the other one is hollering at me, “Moooooom!!! Brother threw up on my favorite shoes!!” Did I mention I feel like crap too, cause I’m sick, after being up all night with said child, but I drag myself to clean up the vomit before the shihtzu gets to it, like a mid -morning snack. My head pounding like an AMTRAK ran over it in the night. My only wish , to be able to crash back down to the sofa, but now the other child is shrieking from the second bathroom, “MooooooM!!! I need clean underwear!!” ( Don’t EVEN ASK) Someone should be filming this I think to myself. They should film what I look like,(covered in barf!) what my house looks like,(Dogs run amok, and children hollering!) and DEFINITELY what this WHOLE experience is like,( my body aching, and head about to explode!) and show it to junior high students. It would be the world’s BEST form of birth control, let me tell you. Trust me, it would work.




It’s so rainy , grey and cold here today. The boys got up feeling under the weather , grey and cold too. They grabbed their big soft comforters and and rolled themselves up like hedgehogs on the sofa with me. Not long after the dogs decided that we looked warm and comfy also. I am left with a tiny corner perched with my laptop . It is so very quiet. Only the sound of the rain on the tin roof, and two little ( not really so little anymore) boys breathing,soft as fairies’ breath, interspersed with a tiny dogs snores. The boys are 15 and 13 now and I can’t help but think , I must grab this moment to myself . For how much longer will they lay with me on the sofa in the mornings? Bittersweet, and magical , two dark heads, once both tiny enough to lay on my breast at the same time , now hang off the sofa , at all angles. They still hug me , and give kisses. And aren’t so absorbed with girls that I am a side note already. I know it is coming.
I see the glances my 15 year old gives the sweet young things at church. They smile at him with that look that only a teenage girl can have. Knowing . Even if I weren’t his mother , I would know he were handsome. Raven-haired and crystal green eyes , with just the right amount of cleft in his chin. And oh, his smile. But he doesn’t know he attracts them. He sees only friends who “happen” to be girls. I smile to myself.
My 13 year old , curls of black, with eyes so blue you could touch the ocean in them, finds solace in quiet places . He is not a social butterfly, and wishes nothing more than for girls to be on another planet somewhere at this point in his life. But they secretly smile for him too. They see that he is shy, so they don’t invade his space , but they watch him from afar , and whisper behind their hands to one another. The rumors get back to me. I gently tease him , and he rolls those beautiful eyes at me.
But this morning I shall soak up every precious , beautiful moment , while they are here, and belong wholly to me. Even though as I lay here typing , my legs are totally asleep from the combined weight of boy and dog . I have never had a happier moment.

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Purrrr- sonality~

  I love animals. I have 5 dogs, 1 cat, 1 terrapin, 2 goldfish, 1 catfish, 1 sucker -fish thingie, and an assorted number of chickens. In the last year I also had 2 praying mantises , and a hermit crab. I ‘ve  had birds, hamsters, horses, goats, pigs, calves, and two anole lizards. I can say I’ve never owned a sheep , a llama, or a snake. Not sure why not, just haven’t had time to get to those particular animals yet!

The funny thing is I was just scrolling through some of my pictures and found this one of my little Beagle/Shi-Tzu mix, Curley, along with some pics of my other animals, and I realize it really is true that each of them has their own personality! He is totally the cool one. If he were a person , he would ride a Harley and wear leather with his shades.

Isabel is a mountain cur/whatever and she would be the kid in school who can’t sit still.  You know all those dogs on the movie “Up”?  “Master would be most pleased with …….SQUIRREL!”  that ‘s Isabel.

Ivy is a little ole bitty shaggy terrier/chihuahua looking thing and would be the one who needed therapy.   She is terrified by pretty much everything, and has a nervous twitch.

Boonie is my 80 pound chocolate lab, who thinks the world is his playground. If you think about a big ole goofy teenaged boy who can’t leave the fridge for more than 5 minutes, thinks he is the best thing since sliced bananas, and has tons of energy…….that’s Boonie.

MoMo is our Basset Hound.  Bless his heart, if he were a kid , he’d be the one you made extra time for, because you know he’s going to take FOREVER to do anything.  If MO-lasses was a dog, it would be Mo-Mo. Mo-Mo the Slow-Slow.

And finally , to the cat.  What to say about the cat?  Cats are a whole different category of personality.  They just live “with ” us, I think. Well, really , it’s like we live with them.  THEY tolerate us in THEIR homes, I think.  Cats don’t need our approval.  Cats don’t really care whether you like them or not.  Cats are just themselves, and you can either like it or get out of their way.  Our current feline is Cleo.  As in Cleo-Catra.  It completely suits her, because she is a Queen in every way.

I never thought I would have this many animals at once, but it kind of grows on you.( As for the feed bill, not so much!)  It’s a lot of fun to watch them all interact, and to interact with them.  It’s like surrounding yourself with interesting people, I don’t think I’ll ever be bored!