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I’ve wondered for a long time now if perhaps I’ve let my children miss out on something. I see the way families are now and think that we surely seem to be the odd ones out. Now I’m not saying this as a judgement on anyone else’s lifestyle , simply an observation on the differences between the ways I have seen the ways people do things, and wondering if I am in the wrong. I don’t work. Well, let me rephrase that, I CAN’T WORK. Lupus has done such lovely things to my body that even standing for more than 10 minutes at a time , would be a luxury for me at this point in my life. We live in a small wood frame house, that we heat with wood. My husband and sons go out and cut down and chop up the wood themselves.
We eat meat that we hunt ourselves. Deer, squirrel. We fish. I’m homeschool my children, so I spend a lot of time with them. We’re not fancy. We don’t wear name brand, or if we do , we bought it at a yard sale. I guess I just wonder . I see friends of mine, that I went to school with , they’re married now , with children. They live in hundred thousand dollar homes, both of them work, they both drive new vehicles. They’re kids wear name brand clothes , and their school wardrobes cost more than my kids’ clothes for an entire year. The kids go to public school so they can compare their latest acquisitions , and make sure theirs is better than their friends. And yet , when we go to town we are the ones who get the odd looks . So surely WE must be doing something wrong. We want to raise our kids with simplicity and appreciation for where their food comes from , and what the real world will mean for when they grow up. When you grow up, reality says , you have to get a job, and earn your own money and make your own way. The world will not be prepared to hand them anything when they reach adulthood, and the simplest things in life are the easiest things to learn. I can only hope that we have done the right things , and done well in our life of simplicity, and hope they’ve not missed out at all.