Let’s Make It a Date~


I had quite the entertaining date with my hubs this evening.  It was was all very romantic,  plush couches, with fringed throw pillows, thick carpets, mahogany end tables with the perfect amount of mood lighting. Great conversation, along with plenty of our favorite thing to do, people watch.  What’s surprising is where our fabulous date took place.  The cardiologist’s office! Bwhaha. I kid you not. My cardi’s office is seriously cushy. It’s not like most of my doctor’s offices.  I mean , honestly, no offense to whoever designs these places, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there is one huge firm that designs ALL restaurants and medical facilities. The same paint schemes,  ( grey-green , orange-tan anyone?) , the same plastic -coated sets of pictures ( black and white trees,  bowls of fruit)  and DEFINITELY the same furniture, ( aluminum -spindled chairs , fake -wood desks, and faux post-modern paintings) .  Doesn’t really inspire a sense of well-being you know?  I wonder sometimes if they have ever actually asked the patients how these settings make them feel?  Believe it or not, the colors on the walls, the paintings, the chairs all have huge effects on our sense of well-being while we are there.  If we have to wait for very long in a stressful situation , a grating color on the wall , can become physically annoying.  An uncomfortable chair  can make a 15 minute wait seem like an hour.   I don’t think life is too busy to make beautiful! Especially the places where people are in the most pain.  Hospitals, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms. These are the “glamorous” places I’ve been on for dates with my husband in the last few years.  We’ve managed to have some pretty chic get-togethers  , grey -green walls and all.   🙂