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Old TV

The news page is a scary place to have your home page these days. I am seriously thinking about changing my home page from Yahoo! News to something more positive. It is depressing to open your browser to some new act of terror or violence every day. I don’t watch the news on the telly or listen to talk radio for this very reason. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a stick my head in the sand kind of gal, it’s just that I don’t know that me knowing about all of that stuff helps in any way. I’m not in that city. I’m not there where I can do anything for those affected. I don’t mean that to sound calloused , either. But in today’s instamatic world, you are GOING to hear the news. I did hear about the Boston bombing. I am so sorry for those victims of that heartless act. I did and still am praying for all those involved. And now this Texas plant tragedy! It just becomes so overwhelming after a while, you know? When that’s ALL you hear you about , from EVERY source of media. Paper, digital, television, friends, FaceBook, your own inbox, it’s everywhere. I think sometimes we were better off 100 years ago when we didn’t have such “instant” coverage of everything. Think about it. There might be an earthquake across the world. We might not hear about it for a month or so, or even at all if no one we knew was affected, or was there to “cover” it. So we had one less thing to worry over. It just causes a kind of an overload after a point. And your brain just gets stuck in worry -town. Bombings. Terror attacks. Plane crashes. Explosions. Fires. Politics. Celebreties crashing their cars and their careers while on drugs. I get nostalgic for when I was growing up and we had 3 , count ’em 3 television channels. You knew if something was huge cause then it was on EVERY channel. If it didn’t merit being on all 3, then you didn’t have to worry! Ahhh,those were the days! 🙂