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I like simple.  Simple is good.  Simple is easy.  Simple allows you to focus on the important things in life.  Our house rules are very simple.  We only have six.

The Woods Family House Rules~

1. Treat EVERY-one the way YOU want to be treated.  Even a small child can understand this.  All you have to ask them is “How would you feel , if? ”  Your toy was taken , or someone pushed you? We first learn by the example we have set before us. We learn to interact based on the way we are interacted with by others. This is the most important rule, hence it’s status as number one.  If we filter everything we say, do, think and feel about others , based on what we ourselves would like, there will be a lot less strife, and turmoil.  If we ask ourselves, “Would I want someone to say that to me?” , and the answer is no, then we shouldn’t say it!

2. If you dirty it up , you clean it up.  We have to learn that when we grow up , keeping our own areas clean is a great habit to have.  We all live healthier when we live clean.

3.  If you take it out , you put it away.  We also need to learn that when we keep our stuff in a specific place we are more likely to know where it is when we need it.

4.  If it’s hungry , feed it.  Our animal friends and even our children need food for nourishment and to  grow the way God has planned.  We can also be spiritually hungry and need to fed in this way also.

5. If  it’s thirsty , water it.  Animals and pets depend on us to make sure they have clean water. They can not run to the store and get bottled.  When we take on the responsibility of a pet, or of another human being, we have to be diligent in making sure they do not get thirsty.  We also have to remember to teach our children that our inner selves can become thirsty too!

6 If it cries , love it.  This is almost as important as number one.  All people need love.  From the smallest to the greatest.  Even the most hardened soul has a part somewhere that longs to be loved , accepted , cared for , for the person we are now, and not the person we are going to be.  Love is so powerful!  And compassion!  These two MUST go hand in hand.

So there you have it.  Those are the rules I kept posted for the boys when they were little.  Six simple little things that even the tiniest kid can understand.  I am happy to say that my boys have taken most of these to heart.  We still have to work at it, but they understand the principles behind the ideas.  See, I always knew when they were little that this was the kind of people I wanted them to be.  Not the smartest. Not the most successful in business.  Not the ones with the biggest car or house. I wanted my boys to know true success is being known as a man of honor, of empathy, of kindness and dare I even say it, of grace.  If they can become those kinds of men, maybe I will have accomplished a not-so -simple task after all.

About Me~

29 Days~

Today is the first day of February.  I know the 14th is Valentine’s Day, and that is the “traditional” day to give gifts , cards, and sentiments.  But in case you haven’t noticed, I ‘m not much for tradition just for the sake of it.  I like to do things differently, so I’ve decided for every day in February I would write about something that I love or appreciate in those I have in my life.

I’m going to start off with my husband of 15 years.  I guess the first thing I want to say is when he said in sickness and in health, the poor man definitely did NOT know what he was getting himself in for!  In our 15 year together, I have had 5 surgeries, spent many , many weeks in the hospital, had literally HUNDREDS of doctor’s visits, been in a wheelchair, used a walker, been unable to drive or care for myself for weeks at a time, unable to cook, clean, do laundry , and basically just been of no physical use to anyone for long periods. I ‘ve ballooned up to nearly 200 pounds and temporarily lost a lot of my hair.  Without complaint he has held my hand while I was in tremendous pain, held my head while I vomited, and just held me while I cried.  He has pushed me in a wheelchair up and down the hallways and sidewalks of Children’s Hospital, when our son was hospitalized there after his premature birth.  He has worked at crummy jobs just so we have money to eat, and pay bills.

All this from a man who never set out to get married, or have children of his own.  When the going got tough, he didn’t give in, give up , or give out.  He never said once that he was sorry for marrying me, or that this was not what he signed up for.  He has never said that anything was too hard, or been anything less than supportive.  He never tells me “Why can’t you just get over this?”, or  “This is your fault.”

So for anyone who says that there is no real love left in this world, I would have to say you’re wrong.  I have seen real love.  I have had the privilege of living with it every day , in every moment, for the last 15 years of my life.

And even though these words would never be enough to show it, I want to say them anyway.  “I love you .  And for all you ‘ve done, thanks , babe.”