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What malodorous substance do you use,

to cover the lies you tell?

Do you not even notice now, 

the way it  gives off a smell?

It corrupts  everything you touch,

it poisons  the very air.

Wilts away  all the  new life, 

til only  the   old is there.

Friends once caught in conversation,

 can now only hear burnt words.

 Only falsely spoken cries from

fallen dying birds.

I want so badly  to believe again,

 that the words you say are  true,

in this apocalyptic wasteland, though, 

the most distorted thing  is you.

Ruby Jeanette Woods

August 2015


A Happy Tale ~

I’ m  celebrating an anniversary of sorts. Today I celebrate 3 years of blogging with WordPress. I’ve of course been blogging a lot longer , under various forums, even going back so far as YAHOO 360.  I’ve been writing my whole life, it seems in some way shape form or fashion, even if I had to pen my stories in my dear sister’s treasured coloring books. She used to get very angry with me for marking up her perfectly lined pages. I learned to read AND write when I was barely 4 years old , and since then I’ve not been able to keep my thoughts to myself! The library was my best friend growing up, and at last count, I’ve read almost 10,000 books so far at this point in my life.  So even though this is a article on the joys of writing and reading , it shall heretofore be short, for I am tired, and my hands and mind are weary.   So for tonight, I bid you adieu!  🙂

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Down the Rabbit Hole~


Have you ever been addicted to something , or worried that you were? I have a problem. I’m an addict. I need a 12 step program I think. But I don’t know if they have them for my sort of trouble. See, I’m a bibliophile. A book addict. I love them. The smell of them. The feel of them. The paper. The weight of the thick spines in my hands. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t able to read, my parents say , I was 3 or 4 years old, when I learned how to read and written material has always been like a comfort to me . Magazines, newspapers, and of course books. Paperback, fiction, non, science, history, fantasy, old, new, the thicker the better. Piles and piles of them. I read everywhere I go, heck, sit me at the breakfast table, and I HAVE to read the cereal box. Road signs, manuals, travel and real estate booklets. Words give me something I’ve never been able to find in any other medium. When I’ve been ill, my stack of books at the end of my bed or sofa has provided me with an escape from the horrible places lupus has taken me. My husband tells people when they come to visit, “Just move my wife’s library over and find you a place to sit.” So what do you think? Have I gone too far down the path of no return? Will my addiction to the written word lead to my down fall ? I can only say that if it does, it is down Lewis Carroll’s rabbit hole, and I shall meet Alice and her friends there.

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My Obsessions~


We all have obsessions. People will try to tell you that they don't . Oh, no, I don't have any naughty obsessions. They watch those hoarding shows , and think to themselves, "Well, I am NOT like that." , and somewhere in the secret corners of their minds they have something they are hoarding up. Maybe it's not butter container lids, or knick knacks from the dollar store. But we all have something. With me it's books. I love them. The smell. The feel. The paper. The covers. Stacks of them. Piles of them. On the sofa, under the bed. In the bathroom, in the kitchen. In the car, in my purses. I have them everywhere. I buy them at the thrift store, the big box store, garage sales, people give them to me, like old friends long lost , they come to me with their old scuffed shoes , and I welcome them home. I never have to feel alone when I am with them. I've met the most troubled, intelligent, quirky, dark, and fun people there. I've been next door, and to the other side of the farthest , farthest galaxy, just by turning the page. And really , what better obsession is there , than that?

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The Lord of the READS~

I’ve come to a serious conclusion. I have an addiction. Isn’t that the first step to getting help? Admitting you have a problem? My mom bought me a tablet. And I’ve discovered Kindle. A lot of the books are free! Did you know that? FREE!?! I had said once that I thought I would never get an e-reader because it seemed like treachery towards my love of the written word on paper. The smell of the paper, the feel of it. But there were so many books on there to choose from! And they’re FREE!!! And the little gadget just downloads them so fast. You look, click, and BADA -BING. It’s right there in the palm of your hand. And it will hold so many ! I have 285 books on mine already. Do you have any idea what that’s like? Of course, it also gets games like Angry Birds , which my kids think is just the best thing ever. I’m ashamed to say though, I’m kind of stingy with it. I mean it’s got my books on it! I get the feeling I kind of look like Gollum when they ask if they can borrow it. “My Preciouuussssssss! Mine!! They stole it from meeeeee…….”
But in all seriousness, the tablet’s nice to have when you’re in the hospital, or the doctor’s office. It beats having to lug 3 or 4 hardback books around, although I will never be able to give up my love of a big thick book. A tablet can’t quite match the feel of that!

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Something I'd Like to Learn More About

and a few things I wouldn’t …….I ‘ve got a whole huge list of things I ‘d like to learn more about! I don’t have enough hours in the day to take in everything I’d like to know.

I have children so I’m interested in herbal healing for them and myself. I homeschool so I’m always looking for new books or ideas for curriculum. I love to draw and paint, so anything in that department catches my eye. I cut all my family’s hair so I’d really like to get a couple of books on that subject as well. I love to try new recipes, so I’ve got a few cookbooks stacked at the end of my sofa …..along with some poetry books, three or four journals of my own, a sci fi series, some non fiction medical, gardening, textbooks, etc. My husband is always asking when I’m going to move my “library” off the floor from by the lamp!

So, I guess the question isn’t what would I like to learn more about? But what am I NOT interested in?

I can think of a few.

I’m not interested in why the world is so twisted. It just always has been , and always will be.

I’m not interested in hatred, or why people feel compelled to hurt one another. That’s just another one of those things.

I’m not interested in shallow people, or why they think the world revolves around them.

I’m not interested in those who only look to the beautiful people, thinking that they somehow have more answers than those of us who are plain.

I’m not interested in learning more about being petty, or selfish, or deceitful.

I only want to be learn about those things that will brighten up my corner of the world. Make someone laugh, or think about something in a different , more positive way.

I hope that somehow, some way, anything I know, or learn , only helps me accomplish those things!

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This post first blogged, December 21, 2011