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The Total ~

He smells of worn leather and grease.

Of the outdoors and mysterious things.

He walks  a little slower now , then he did years ago.

Joints snap and crackle when he bends them, these days.

There’s a little frosty patch in the dark of his hair.

Just an angel-kissed place to remind me of all I’ve put him through.

Those hands of his that I noticed so long ago,

have a few more scars.

Each one with a story that I know.

The world might look at him , and pass by,

without notice.

But the total of those parts , inside and out,

make the man I love……..





It’s not your typically handsome face.
It’s lined and seamed from years in the weather.
Like a much-loved pair of jeans, where I know every wrinkle.
Those smile crinkles at the corners.
The twinkle of a pair of bright green eyes.
Sharing with me a secret laugh.
It’s not a movie-star face.
It’s got scars and dented places.
It’s seen a lot of life’s long days, but still
It’s ever ready, with that smile.
Maybe it’s not a model face, with sharp cheekbones,
all air-brushed and cover -ready for a photo.
Maybe not.
But , it is a beautiful face just the same.