About Me~, Poetry

Broken Fairy Tale~


It’s just a silly childhood rhyme,
we’ve all had a chance to say.
Something to deflect a sword,
that someone’s thrown our way.

“Sticks and stones
may break my bones,
but words will never
hurt me!”

It’s the greatest lie we ever tell,
that hurtful words don’t matter.
For I remember very well,
what was said, and how I shattered.

You never gave another thought,
to the pain that you had caused .
So busy polishing up your swordplay,
you left me, empty ,torn and raw.

Carried off from the field of battle,
in agony I realize,
what that shiny golden armor ,
REALLY hides inside.

Ruby Jeanette Woods

About Me~

Find the Chink~

You know , I’ve finally come to the conclusion that sometimes , just maybe, certain people may just NOT like me no matter what I do.
I am a people pleaser way down deep. I like when people like me. I don’t even mind going out of the way to be nice to people who are ugly to me. It kind of burns them , actually. But , I may have to accept defeat in a certain situation. Or maybe I just need to work harder to find the smile chink. See, I have a theory. I think everyone has a smile chink. That particular spot that when struck by the niceness hammer will shatter , and they will eventually smile. Some people’s chinks are just hidden REALLY well. The funny thing is, it really bothers me to see people unhappy. I know that is the real reason people are unfriendly, unsmiling, or even downright rude. It is disturbing to them to see someone happy, and maybe even a little tiny bit humbling for them to see someone happy who just happens to be in worse circumstances than they are. So the uncomfortable feelings make them lash out at the person causing them to feel uncomfortable. But, just so you know. I think EVERY one can be happy. It’s more of a choice really. Now before you get all annoyed, and say , “Well, I’ve had a really rough go at life, and I’m not happy because of things that have happened to me!” Well, did being UNHAPPY change those things? It didn’t did it? It just made you miserable WHILE they were happening! See, I can’t DO anything about having lupus. I can’t CHANGE the fact that my heart is faulty. But, I can CHOOSE to be happy in spite of it! I choose to go about in life unarmored to other people’s niceness hammers. I want to share my smile with those I meet. Because I can’t change their situations either. But, I CAN help them to see that life is NOT a lost cause!