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YEP. That’s what I said. I have AMAZONIC GORGONIA PURPLEITIS. It’s this horrible disease. Bizarre condition , really. Your own body does horrid things to itself. Like snacks on it’s own heart, or even your brain. You can lose your faculties. First mine decided to make my heart the main course , so I have 30% function of that. Then it decided my ENTIRE nervous system looked like a great after dinner snack. So it went amok through there. So my heart rate my go 155 with me lying completely still. Or it might tell my brain to just shut off while I’m standing up. “So you’ve been to the AMAZON ya say?” No actually it’s this buggery disease called Systemic Lupus Erethemetous , and hundreds of thousands of people suffer from it all over the world and there is NO CURE. But it seemed like everytime I told some one I had lupus there brain immediately went either somewhere else, their eyes glazed over, or they looked at me and went , “WHAHHHHAAT??” So I just decided for once I was going to call it something SUPER WEIRD and see what kind of reaction I got. Or if I started off with the symptoms instead of the name and said it in a super horrifying tone, would people be more interested, “AS in did you know LUPUS is actually the ZOMBIE of the disease world??” THAT might get their attention , as in we are literally the WALKING DEAD of the famous telly show? What we have affects more people in the world than you could ever imagine and practically NO ONE has heard of it. So I don’t know if we need to change our name, our image or what, but for today, I shall have AMAZONIC GORGONIA PURPLEITIS ……for the thrills, after all life is so short ,I take my fun where I find it 🙂

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I’ve always loved to doodle, and I’m always looking for new and fun ways to express myself. I’m also kind of a Pinterest addict, so when I started seeing these doodle-type drawings there I couldn’t wait to find out more, and try it for myself. They call them Zentangles, or just tangles. They start off with just a doodle and kind of work their way out from there. Or you can draw a picture and use the tangles to “fill” the spaces of your drawing. There are tons of ways to do it, and it’s really relaxing. Some of them are really amazing, museum quality looking pieces. Of course, this one at the top of my post today is no where near that! But, hey it’s my first “tangle” , and I’m just getting started. I did find some books on Amazon about the “official” way to do these, apparently there is a copyrighted method, a website, tools, etc, with classes and everything, which of course they get paid to give, and the books are expensive. I’ve always kind of thought art should be fun, and available to everyone , so I looked on Amazon and found much less expensive downloadable books, and there is a neat website called http://tanglepatterns.com/ that shows you the way to do these also. I can’t wait to try some more patterns and see what other things I can doodle on ! If you’d like to give tangling a try , here is the website that I went to today http://tanglepatterns.com/ also here is the link on Amazon to one of the ebooks that I purchased as kind of a starter book with tangling patterns http://www.amazon.com/Fast-Freehand-Fills-Basic-ebook/dp/B00B09I8UE/ref=sr_1_25?ie=UTF8&qid=1366152277&sr=8-25&keywords=zentangles Plus , on Pinterest check out some of the amazing work that other artists have already done. Hope this gets you started to having fun with this neat idea!