Against the Flow ~

  Fair warning.   I like to give fair warning. If  a post might seem long, or  scatter-brained, or even if some of the topics or wording might seem offensive to some.  I had no idea until just a few years ago that even the very discussion of illness is considered offensive to some.  There […]

Thirty Eight and Counting

  Thirty-eight. That’s the age I’ve turned this year, and 13 years longer than the doctors gave me to make it without a heart transplant. They told me , “MS. Woods , if you don’t get one , by 30 you’ll surely be dead. And that’s WITH pumping your body full of ungodly amounts of […]

Snake Oil Salesmen~

After my recent hospital stay, I thought it would be fun to repost something I shared last year. I know that we all wish for more truth in advertising. Especially from the pharmaceutical industry. There is not much truth in their advertising these days. I know there are many , many doctors and nurses who […]