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Forever and a Day~


Well, It is the 11th day of March and my first day to post in 2013! It seems like forever and a day since I’ve posted! This has been a very rough year for me so far. Lupus has been kicking my tuckus.   How are you all? Is the new year going to suit you? How in the world have you all been?!? I feel like I have dropped off the face of the earth! It’s good to be back in the blogosphere as they say! I hope you are all doing well, or as well as you can. 

  My health had been great ! I suppose that must be one of THE most frustrating things about lupus EVER. To be fine, and then BAM! You just wake up and have to start all over again from scratch.  I just had a three year remission period , with NO medications needed.  It was fab.  I was able to really get out of the house , I was even able to go with my kiddos to activities, and lost a ton of weight. Yay, me! 

  But , starting late summer 2012 , I really started to go downhill again. I had to go back on chemotherapy, and steroids.  These were the drugs that sent me into remission before so we had no reason to think that it wouldn’t work this time. Well, surprise.  Chemotherapy not only decided to make me seriously sick  ( crazy nausea, anyone?) , but it didn’t help the lupus any either.  My rheumatologist told me about this fairly new treatment called Benlysta, and thought that I might be  a very good candidate for it. 

So after much paper work and waiting , I got approved and had my first infusion today. Tomorrow, I’m going to post about the whole process, and how it all went, but for today, I’m just checking in with you all, and saying hello , my old friends, glad to be back “home”. Much love, and as always, ((HUGS)) Ruby


Blank Pages

Blank Pages

We will open the book . The pages are blank. We will write the words ourselves. The book is called Opportunity, and the first blank page is New Year’s Day. ~ Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Tomorrow is the first day of 2012. Have you got big plans? Do you make resolutions? I never make resolutions. I don’t believe in them. I guess I just feel like it’s a good way to make yourself feel let down, as I don’t know anyone who actually keeps their resolutions! Besides, that’s actually taking your whole year for granted ya’ know? That assumes you will HAVE a whole year to change. When you have a life threatening disease , you learn you may not have a whole year to change a bad habit. Or lose weight. Or to do something fun. As a matter of fact, when you have a life threatening disease you learn that some of those things don’t even matter anyway! What’s a couple extra pounds when you’re doin’ good to just still be here, fat and all? What is eating potato chips for breakfast as a bad habit, when it’s great to even be able to eat? And don’t wait until tomorrow to do something fun, cause if you feel like it today, you better do it today! So, I don’t make proclamations, or resolutions. Today is MY day. I won’t even wait until tomorrow to begin my dreaming. It really is true what they say. “Life is short.” If you have something you want to do, start now. Right this second. If you have something you need to say……say it now! If you love someone……go right this minute and tell them so. You won’t be sorry ! So instead of carpe diem, sieze the day….how about seize the moment?


Get Your Toes Wet~

Get Your Toes Wet~

It’s come to that time of the year again. The time where the old is on the way out, and the new is on the way in. Beginnings. They can be fun. Or scary. Or thrilling. Or terrifying. It’s like that first swim of the summer. You know when you are not quite sure if the water is warm enough . You want to get in, but are just not sure if you’re brave enough for the cold! So, we know the best way is to just jump in. Don’t just touch your toes in, take that running leap and bail off the deep end! Scary, I know. I guess the scariest part is that unknown time between when you jump and when you land. That split second in between when the cold hasn’t quite reached you. When you hit, you know what’s happening. Wow! Sheesh, that’s cold! But then it’s over. The surprise is gone then. But that teeny blip in time when you are hung in midair waiting for it to catch up with you is the most uncertain, and thrilling moment. I suppose you could avoid it altogether. I mean you could just stay away from the water. You could swear off jumping from the deep end, or wait until the middle of summer when you KNOW the water will be warm. But , what would be the fun in that? Sure , life can be scary. Some of the experiences are not fun. Things can be painful, or even shocking. But, taken as a whole these events make up who we are. These deep end jumps and that adrenaline filled tingle. Those are the places we remember! So in 2012, I’ve promised myself, to look less, and leap more. To jump more freely, without thinking of the cold. To let myself go without toe-testing the waters first! Here’s to living in the moment!