Crossings ~

I’ve always been fascinated with eyes. From the time I was small , and realized I could draw , I was determined to get the shapes and forms of eyes realistically captured on paper. Human eyes, animal eyes.  I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love looking at people’s eyes when […]


  It is Spring. Or so they say. The first day of that season, which calls to new things. Green and bright. The vernal equinox. Equal parts, glitter, and night. I find Spring to be short-lived. Perhaps it’s maudlin of me. Spring seems easy. So colorful; flowers gold and purple. But Spring is hard and […]

Installation ~

We think we cover it so well, Layers and layers , to conceal  the imperfections, those things we see as flaws. Always afraid , they’ll be stripped away by life’s unfeeling jaws. But then you collide, with another soul. Whose vision seems almost  preternatural . How did they come so close? And then you realize, […]

“O Death! or Good Riddance to 2016”

  Twenty-sixteen Come and gone, and leaving in its wake , so many sorrows. The Starman became Stardust…. and the Caterpillar went through The Looking Glass. The Mockingbird flew away, and old Blue Eyes flew too. Purple Rain, a Butterfly and a Bee, “O,Death. O,Death, won’t you spare me over ’til another year? The Candy […]

Sugar and Shade ~

Sugar and  Shade  The lies we tell. The little fictions that go so well with the particular shade of lipstick we’ve chosen for ourselves. We decide those words don’t hurt anyone, after all, how badly could it hurt to smile ever so sweetly and say, something , anything. We must drip , must let fall, […]

Discarded Treasures ~

I approached quietly , and left a small piece of my heart, on the  park  bench. As if somehow leaving it there, meant I was waiting for the day , no , not even the day, my life! to start, for some permission. Would he see it? Would he care? Or would it simply be […]