How Are You Today ? Just Four Words

no estic bé People are hungry. Níl mé ceart go leor Children live on the street. Mir geht es nicht gut The politicians play by their own rules. I au I Ka Moana We’ve forgotten , “Do unto to others .” אני לא בסדר We turn a blind eye to those we could help e […]

Crossings ~

I’ve always been fascinated with eyes. From the time I was small , and realized I could draw , I was determined to get the shapes and forms of eyes realistically captured on paper. Human eyes, animal eyes.  I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love looking at people’s eyes when […]


  It is Spring. Or so they say. The first day of that season, which calls to new things. Green and bright. The vernal equinox. Equal parts, glitter, and night. I find Spring to be short-lived. Perhaps it’s maudlin of me. Spring seems easy. So colorful; flowers gold and purple. But Spring is hard and […]

Installation ~

We think we cover it so well, Layers and layers , to conceal  the imperfections, those things we see as flaws. Always afraid , they’ll be stripped away by life’s unfeeling jaws. But then you collide, with another soul. Whose vision seems almost  preternatural . How did they come so close? And then you realize, […]