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Love Means~

Good morning EveryBUDDY! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far . Mine is , as my Nan used to say, So-So. She would like President George Washington say, “Cannot tell a lie.” , so if asked would not say she was fine, but only “So-so. ” We are now only  7 letters away in our “26 Days Series” I hope you guys have enjoyed coming on this journey with me, and hope it has been some help to you. I have enjoyed writing it. If you’ve been keeping up, the list so far has been…..

A: Acknowledge and Accept

B: Breathe.

C. Find  Comfort

D. Get a Doctor or team of them you can trust

E. Exercise ~ even if it’s just a scoonch ( Hey ! Scoonch is a word!)

F. Have Faith

G. Set a Goal , even if it seems small

H. Hugs! Everybody needs them!

I.  Sometimes we need, Isolation 

J. Rid yourself of Junk

K. Keep Kindness as a philosophy

L. Laugh long, laugh often!

M. Medications

N. No

O. Okay

P. Perfection ~ Not going to happen 

Q. Question everything!

R. Research. Research. Research. 

So that brings us to………the letter “S”


Such a tiny little word. Five little letters. And we say it all the time. With our illnesses or maybe even combinations thereof, we somehow feel that we must suddenly apologize . To our families, our friends, to our loved ones, to our bosses, to any and all things. It’s our fault. It’s our fault that we’re in pain. It’s our fault that we ‘re fatigued. It’s our fault that we’re nauseous. It’s our fault that we’re in the hospital. AGAIN. Okay. Let me just stop you right there. I will tell you what my husband tells me practically daily. JUST. STOP. “These things are not your fault. You have absolutely no control over the things you have NO CONTROL over. You need to stop apologizing. It’s a draining activity and we can’t waste our energies on things we have no spoons for. We did not ask to get sick. We did not ask to get dealt this crappy hand of genetic cards. But here we are. We cannot re-shuffle. We must play. So don’t apologize. Just BE. Be you. Be what you can, with what you have, where you are. That is definitely NOTHING to be sorry for.

Oh, and if I haven’t said it today, I LOVE YOU!! with all my ❤ and 🙂 and as always ((HUGS)) ~ Ruby J.


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