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60 Questions ~

Happiest of weekends to you EveryBUDDY! I hope this finds you with a totefull of spoons to spend doing what you want to do today with the people you love. I’ve well and truly got the crud ( a U.T.I.) , and it is cold, cold, cold! here. I did not sleep worth a flying fig last night, and I am exhausted. So my weekend is not looking real peachy. Anywho. You guys do not need to hear all about how crummy I feel, lol 🙂 We are all the way down or up to the letter “Q” in our “26 Days” Series! WhooHOO! If you’re following , or just joining in, the list is,

A: Acknowledge and Accept

B: Breathe.

C. Find  Comfort

D. Get a Doctor or team of them you can trust

E. Exercise ~ even if it’s just a scoonch ( Hey ! Scoonch is a word!)

F. Have Faith

G. Set a Goal , even if it seems small

H. Hugs! Everybody needs them!

I.  Sometimes we need, Isolation 

J. Rid yourself of Junk

K. Keep Kindness as a philosophy

L. Laugh long, laugh often!

M. Medications

N. No

O. Okay

P. Perfection ~ Not going to happen 

Which brings us to  “Q” .  “Q” is beautifully odd letter. It looks gorgeous written , especially in calligraphic form. I’ve always had a strange fascination for it, when I was very small  I had a pen set, and I would practice writing it , over and over again. And in my mind it stands for “Questions” . My Daddy has always said that I have always asked more questions than any person than he has ever known . I talked very early, learned to read when I was about 3 years old, and have never stopped asking questions since.


I wanted to know everything, and I wanted to know it now. I was always pretty sickly , though. I was very small. My Grandpa called me P. Which was short for PeeWee because I was such a runt. Which was pretty much a foreboding of what was to come. But it has taught me what ALL people with chronic illness need to know . You need the power to question. Question the doctors. Question your family. Question other people. Question the research. Question the pharmacists. Question the establishments. Use the power of the question everywhere you go. And don’t you dare let anyone make you feel bad for it!


It’s OUR lives we are talking about here, and we must use every tool in our tool boxes to live to the utmost. No QUESTION about it. 🙂

Oh , and if I haven’t said it today, I LOVE YOU! with all my ❤ and 🙂 always ((HUGS)) ~ Ruby J.


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