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“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

Top o’ the Tuesday to ya’ EveryBUDDY! The sun is shining here in ole L.A. That’s Lower Arkansas, to the uninitiated. It is however not warm, but very briskly cold, so we are sitting under the comforters with the heat going. I’ve got chicken in the oven for dinner, (if you live in the South , dinner is what you call the noon meal, supper is the evening meal, confusing, I know!) , but anywho. My blood pressure is running low today and I am having a devilish time keeping my body warm. It is hard to type with cold fingers, I have found. So I am typing best I can. We are getting closer to the end of our “26 Days ” Series. If you have stuck with me this far, thanks! If you just got here……….the order has been …..


A: Acknowledge and Accept

B: Breathe.

C. Find  Comfort

D. Get a Doctor or team of them you can trust

E. Exercise ~ even if it’s just a scoonch ( Hey ! Scoonch is a word!)

F. Have Faith

G. Set a Goal , even if it seems small

H. Hugs! Everybody needs them!

I.  Sometimes we need, Isolation 

J. Rid yourself of Junk

K. Keep Kindness as a philosophy

L. Laugh long, laugh often!

M. Medications

N. No

So today we will do “O”.  This for me is one of the more difficult letters , because it stands for O.K.  I’ve been told many times in my life I am a relentlessly positive person. I have been told that I can take any situation and make it brighter. I am not trying to brag on myself, these are just things I have had people tell me. However , this does bring me to a conundrum. “What do I do when I am having a TRULY, HORRIBLE, AWFUL, BAD, NO GOOD, DAY?” 


See, I believe in positivity. I REALLY truly do. I don’t think a negative attitude really helped anybody get anything done in life. It poisons your own soul and all of those around you. But at some point in your chronic illness journey you WILL HAVE days where it is going to be impossible to find the good in it. And you will have to be okay with that. It really is okay. I have had to train myself to believe that, though. I have had to learn it is okay to be angry. It is okay to be sad. It is okay to be tired. It is okay to cry. These things ARE all okay. Here are some things however that I don’t believe ARE okay. It is NOT okay to take your problems out on other people. It is not their fault that you are sick. It is NOT okay to withdraw into yourself forever in a state of despair. It is NOT okay to admit permanent defeat. It is NOT okay to have NO sense of humor whatsoever. ‘Cause dude. Some of this stuff IS funny, and if you say it’s not? HA. You’re lying to yourself. Things like this.  A chronic illness warrior is like…………………


I just wanted people who think I am relentlessly positive, or that I never have a bad day, or that I am some sort of mutantly cheerful person, to know, it ain’t all tiptoe through the tulips with Tiny Tim here, all the time. And I’m okay with that. We have each other’s six, when it’s that way, and I’m so glad. That’s how it should be , so luckily those days don’t last that long.

Whatever kind of day you are having today……….remember……..

I LOVE YOU!! with all my ❤ and 🙂 and always ((HUGS)) ~ Ruby J.

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