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Pack Up Your Troubles in a Great Big Bag, and Put it on the Curb



Welp. It’s a grey and dreary Tuesday here, in my corner of the world, and my body is certainly feeling it. On top of the troubles the weather brings, I think I’ve managed to come down with some sort of , for lack of a better word, “throat gunk”. UGH. Sorry . Probably too much information there. 🙂 But , anywho, I ‘m up, I’m breathing, and the world is still turning , so we’re good, right?

Hard to believe we are almost halfway through our series of “26 Days, 26 Ways” . Here’s where we are so far.

A: Acknowledge and Accept

B: Breathe.

C. Find  Comfort

D. Get a Doctor or team of them you can trust

E. Exercise ~ even if it’s just a scoonch ( Hey ! Scoonch is a word!)

F. Have Faith

G. Set a Goal , even if it seems small

H. Hugs! Everybody needs them!

I.  Sometimes we need, Isolation 

So obviously today’s letter is “J”.  There are lots of great words that start with J, that I could have gone with; JOY , JAM, JOLLY…….but I chose a different word, and one that I think really applies to us chronic warriors. “JUNK”.



And I don’t necessarily mean physical junk, although Heaven knows I have my fair share of things that I need to be organizing, and de-cluttering. ( Ain’t nobody got spoons for that. ) But , what I really mean is “emotional junk”. You know the kind I mean; people in your lives who just cannot be satisfied unless they are dumping their emotional garbage on you. They never have anything good to say. Their lives are always in turmoil, and they dump it on you.  Which in certain instances is okay. Everyone needs a friend they can vent to. But the problem becomes when these people never reciprocate . They don’t ask how YOU are. They don’t want to know about your struggles.  And then you have a whole other class of people who manage to fill your life with junk. And this is the really sad part. It’s your family. They don’t believe you’re really all that sick. or “Why can’t you come to Johnny’s party ? You were fine yesterday!!” , and on and on they go , piling their emotional junk on you , until you just want to scream.  I will tell you something that my very wise Daddy says, “Ain’t nobody will do you over like family, and sometimes you just have to cut them off. ” If you need someone to give you permission, I hereby grant you permission to excise toxic people from your life.  This is our health, and in many , many cases , our very lives that depend on not having those stresses.  Choose people who will only support you in your journey, de-clutter your life of junk. It makes a world of difference.

Oh, and if I haven’t said it today, I LOVE YOU! with all my ❤ and 🙂 and as always ((HUGS))~ Ruby J. 


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