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Installation ~


We think we cover it so well,

Layers and layers ,

to conceal  the imperfections,

those things we see as flaws.

Always afraid , they’ll be stripped away

by life’s unfeeling jaws.

But then you collide,

with another soul.

Whose vision seems almost  preternatural .

How did they come so close?

And then you realize,

their layers , are your layers.

Separate coats of gloss ,

but from the same brush.

The graffiti the same.

And suddenly , you are seen.

through all the misted layers of choke-filled smog  that smother the world.

You are heard,

in all the noise that blankets the city,

and then in that cacophony ; of brick and steel ,

taxis  and hearts rushing ,

the art coalesces.

Ruby Jeanette Woods 

Street Art by Eduardo #Kobra 



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