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Inch by Inch~


I had a better day yesterday! Hooray! Right? Well, yes obviously. Any small improvement over the day before has to be something right? And I agree. I got up, got what I call “decent” clothes on (meaning clothes suitable for town) and went to the pharmacy. That was my goal . See, “G” for goal, lol. And that was it. Spoons depleted, body crashing, spending the rest of the day on the sofa, wishing for my body to decide to , “Dear God, just let me feel some sort of normal.

But we HAVE to have goals. I figured that out a long time ago in this journey. If you don’t have a goal set for yourself , by the end of the day it makes you feel very very depressed. Trust me. I have been WAY WAY WAY loooooooooooow down on the totem pole of , ” What did I even get DONE today?!?” And it’s not a good feeling. See , the key to that is , set a small goal. And NO goal is too small!!  Brush you hair! ( Hey , there are days when my arms are the equivalent of overcooked linguine, and just laugh at me when I say that. )  Finish coloring a picture in one of your books!  Make microwave food! For the adventurous , walk to the mailbox! Any little thing counts. I gave myself two gold stars for loading the washing machine, yesterday, so that was a big deal for me. Don’t let anyone else tell you that this kind of stuff doesn’t matter. They don’t know. There was a time I was wheelchair bound, and let me tell ya’ simply making it to the bathroom was a HUGE GOAL for me.

Feel proud of yourself no matter what your goal  is.  Celebrate you. And never , ever, ever let someone make you feel less. You rock warriors!! and in case I haven’t said it today, I  ❤ you !! With all my ❤ and 🙂 and as always ((HUGS)) ~ Ruby J.

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