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Do What you Can, With What you Have

AAAAAAARRRRRGH! I missed a day!! UGH. I was on a roll , too. HEH. Well, what can you do. Sometimes your body just demands that you “lay low”, as my Daddy says. Anywho. I guess that makes today the letter, “E” right? I feel like we need a Muppet saying, “This was brought to you by…………”  🙂



So today’s thought is , “Exercise”. Now before you get in a bunch, and say, “I’m disabled! I can’t exercise!” Well obviously I don’t mean that you will do the same things that “normal” people will do. My body is totally not in the shape it used to be. Before I got ill, I was in great shape. I worked two jobs, and was physically in the best shape of my life. Now I am lucky if I can walk down the hall , without being winded. But I DO walk down the hall. When I had the stroke, I was wheelchair dependent. That was very difficult for me. And I swore that if I ever regained use of my legs, I would do all I could to keep it that way. So of course I’m not out running marathons! But I DO stretches, yoga , and when the weather is good, I walk. Maybe I can only walk a hundred feet. Or to the end of the driveway. Some days my body is so exhausted that all I can do is lifts and stretches while I’m laying down. But I make my body do something. And be proud of what you CAN do! Don’t compare yourself to someone else. Don’t feel bad, that you are “only” stretching , or “only” walking a hundred feet. Any effort is better than nothing. We are strong, capable people, who are absolutely doing the best we can , with what we have. And that’s all ANYONE can expect. I am so proud when I see my fellow lupies posting pictures of their everyday triumphs. You guys rock, and my world is a better place for knowing you! We make every little thing count, and I think other people could definitely learn from us. Oh and if I haven’t said it today  , thinking of you with ❤ and 🙂 and always ((HUGS))

One step at a time! ~ Ruby J.

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