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Primum Non Nocere



“An apple a day will keep ANYONE away, if thrown hard enough. ”

Doctors. Love them or loathe them, most people will have to see a few of them over the course of their lifetime. If you are “normal”, you will probably only ever see a General Practice doctor. If you’re female, perhaps an OB\GYN for checkups and pregnancy. Maybe an ENT (ear , nose and throat specialist) , and of course a DENTIST to maintain your dental\gum health.  If you are blessed with good health, these are probably all the medical profession you will ever be acquainted with.  (And that’s great!)

If you had told me , when I was very small, that I would see more doctors in a year, than most people see in their entire life, I would have laughed you off. I just couldn’t see HOW I would ever need that much attention from the medical community.  Boy, was I wrong.

With many symptoms, come many doctors! I have a cardiologist, a rheumatologist, a neurologist, an allergist, and of course, a general practice doctor. It has taken many years for me to get the doctors I have needed for my medical team. It’s so important to remember that, “Just because they went to medical school, does NOT make them a great doctor. ” . Or even a GOOD  one. So here are  my tips for getting the best medical team for you.

  1. Before you make the appointment; RESEARCH! Research, research!  Ask your friends and family if they know the doctor. Get their opinions.  Google will be a huge asset in this department as well. Look up their clinic, and their track record.  What are their wait -times like? If they are located far away, do they offer services and benefits that are worth the stress of a drive , for you?
  2.  In the weeks before your appointment; Make a symptoms diary. Keep track of your sleep and any medications you have taken, as well. This can help your doctor see the severity of your condition over a long period of time.
  3. During the week ahead of your scheduled date; Make a list of all the questions you would like to ask, that way you will not be sidetracked by the busyness of the appointment.
  4. At the appointment; Bring your list, and ask your questions. If the doctor seems reluctant to give you answers, or gives you the “run-around” , speak up.

Finally, if you don’t get the answers you need, if you feel the doctor’s “bedside” manner is not going to mesh well with yours, or if they otherwise make you uncomfortable , then find a new doctor! After all, THEY work for YOU, not the other way around, and you only get one life. You deserve the best, and so do the people who care about you.

There is absolutely no need to add to  the stress of your already stressed life. Doctors should  be your advocate , following their motto.

Primum non nocere


With all my ❤ and 🙂 and as always ((HUGS)) ~ Ruby J.


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