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My Way, or the Highway………





Commercial advertising these days has become somewhat of a conundrum for me lately.  On the one hand, I think some of the creativity is quite hysterical. The little mini -pony who is shunned by the bigger horses, so his owner orders him a “pony-door”, so he might enter the house ,  thereby rendering his larger pony buddies jealous. Or the long-running gag of the pistachio consortium with celebrities  saying things like , “Ms. Piggy does it like a diva.” But, humor being few and far between, I have noticed a disturbing trend lately.  Commercials more and more often , “man bash“. The advertising execs in these  companies  seem to think that the way to get a woman to buy a product ( ANY PRODUCT!) , is to make the  male of the species feel as though he were nothing more than  a single -celled amoeba on the bottom of the gene pool.  In the first instance I call to you attention the commercial for dishwasher packets . The kindly husband has gone to the store and done the shopping, bringing home the “wrong” brand of detergent. His wife then proceeds to tell him all the reasons WHY he was wrong for getting “THAT” brand, until he meekly says, “I’m going back to the store , aren’t I?”  to which she says, “Yes. Yes you are.” Not one thank you did he get for going shopping in the first place, nor did his wife say, I should have been more specific about what kind we needed. NO. It was automatically the man’s fault, and he was made to look stupid. Another of this type of commercial that is  going around is the one where the husband is changing the baby’s diaper on top of the kitchen counter. Again the woman rolls her eyes, and makes a big show of using a cleaner to wipe off the counter. This type of sexism is not limited to commercials for adults either. If you ever have time to just sit and really pay attention to the advertisements , it seeps into the products for children as well. On a certain peelable orange companies commercials, little girls are blatantly allowed to mean to their little brothers, where if this behavior were reversed, there’d be an uproar! It’s everywhere in society, seemingly parents teaching their girls younger and younger, that “Boys are stupid.”  “ Girls are better.” And why shouldn’t they teach their daughters that, this generation of women seems to feel that way themselves.  I’ve heard women speak about their husbands in ways that I found totally shocking. “Why bother asking your husband to do it, he’ll just screw it up anyway?”  , “There’s no way I’d send my husband to the store, he’d never get the shopping right. , “He tried to fold the laundry for me the other day, and it was a joke. I had to completely refold it.” It has to be their way or the highway, and heaven forbid their husband have a different opinion than theirs, or they will run him over like three-legged dog.   Where is all this blatant disrespect for men coming from? Whatever happened to being proud of your mate, and letting him know he’s appreciated for what he does? Listening to HIS thoughts and ideas, and using his input?  Of course he’s not “perfect“, but last time I checked , these “ladies” runnin’ their mouths off , weren’t paragons of perfection themselves!  How much better would our relationships be if we gave credit where credit was due, ” Thanks babe, for getting the soap at the store.” or,  “I sure appreciate you taking the time to fold the clothes. ”  What’ s really more important, that it was done  “the RIGHT way”, or that it was done with love?  And it doesn’t hurt to brag on your husband to someone else every now and again. I know I was blessed by the Good Lord above with my husband.  He might not BE perfect, but he’s perfectly suited to me,  and I want everyone to know that I am proud to call him mine!

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Biscuits, Bay Rum and Chocolate Gravy




The smells all start to swirl before you ever even open the door. Hot pancake syrup, and homemade biscuits. It calls to you , like your grandmother’s kitchen from long ago. Like cast iron stoves , with wood stoked to just the right temperature. They open early , and if you’re local you know, the time to get your breakfast is when the sun is just starting to show,  over the mountain above the lake.  The elderly gents put on their Sunday’s bests , and gather in the same groups that they’ve formed in since I was a child. The waitresses know just how everyone wants their coffee, and by unspoken reservation, certain corners are set aside for the chosen few.  Being here brings back the memories of my wooden gangly -legged days when my body was  stuck somewhere between being my PapPaw’s farm hand , and the beginnings of a “real” girl.

Now that I’m all grown up I love sitting in the corner, and letting the smell of Old Bay Rum aftershave, tractor grease from the farmer’s overalls, crispy bacon ,and  chocolate gravy wash over me . You don’t need a computer, or a phone, most of the time, the waitresses and patrons are more than happy to chat with you about the weather, what’s growing in their gardens, or just how life’s treatin’ them in general. No one’s going to hurry you off from your table, the waitress is happy to come top off your coffee , as many times as you want.  So fill yourself up with sausage,  a great fried egg, or  maybe even a flapjack bigger than your head. Just sitting here in the Cafe’ will show you a slice of what life is like in our little town. The people are friendly, the food is good, and it will show you why, we enjoy livin’ life in the slow lane.

Lots of big cities might have all that variety, and excitement, and when the tourists come, and ask that question, that they all can’t help but ask, “What do you DO here??”  I’d tell them, “Go on down to Em’s Cafe’ for breakfast. Sit and drink coffee. Set a spell and visit.”, and it won’t take you long  , til you figure out, just what it IS we DO here. And who knows, ya’ just might like it.


6 Things I Wish People Knew (About Lupus)

( This is a reblog from 2011, but I thought it was due another share for #lupusawarenssmonth.  Education about this disease is slowly but surely making strides, and I hope we can soon say it’s growing by leaps and bounds )Lupus is a severe auto immune disease characterized by inflammation of various parts of the body.  I was diagnosed at age 18, after being very ill since age 14.  I’ve learned a lot about this…

Source: 6 Things I Wish People Knew (About Lupus)