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My Husband Thy Name Is……….Hipster??




You know trends come and go . That’s the way things work. Always has been . Always will be. People just SWEAR. Oh em gee, swear………..that will NEVER be “IN” again. Never. “Ugh. Can you believe she’s wearing that blue eyeshadow???  THAT will never be in again!” HA. “He is rolling the cuffs of his pants. That WILL NEVER be in again.” And on and on it goes. I’ve never been much of a trend follower, or setter or anything like that. I’ve always kind of just done what I liked, if you liked it “Huzzah!” if not, well, then , “Keep right on walkin’, withya’.” The funny thing is, my taste in men has pretty much always been the same. I like them to look oddly enough, like, well, “MEN”. As in Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Thomas Jane, John Wayne, The Marlboro Man ( Which I think actually WAS Tom Selleck at one point.) I do not want these airbrushed, gleaming , seals of things that they  do in  commercials these days for colognes that smell like they think the ocean is “supposed” to smell like.  Men are supposed to smell like outside, the REAL outside. And machinery. And grease. And hard work. And dirt. And to look they could muss you up and MESS UP  someone for thinking of mussing you up. So here’s the where it gets hysterical . I married a lumberjack. A literal lumberjack. Whose job it was at the time we married  to go out into the woods , and take down enormous trees with a saw. A logger. Yes. Had been his whole life. That and a diesel mechanic. His standard look twenty years ago was beard, glasses , plaid or checkered shirt, and boots. I thought he was sex on a stick. My friends thought I was nuts. His style was twenty years out of date, and they thought it was bananas. “What does she see in him?” and “Why does he dress like that?” “No one dresses like that anymore. That style will NEVER be in again!” Fast forward twenty years . We’re sitting in a restaurant about an hour from our hometown. Casually dining, I notice that the much younger attractive waitress is eyeing my husband in his winter hat, plaid shirt, jeans , rimmed glasses, and boots. I finally laugh as she moves away from the table. He asks me “What??” I say, “She was totally flirting with you!” “Why ?”, he says.  “Oh you’re the new it thing. Lumbersexual , it’s called. I kid you not.”  I thought he would pass out. What’s old is new again indeed. HA! Oh , and by the way ladies, I see you looking…………………


My husband of twenty years with his “hip” beard.


2 thoughts on “My Husband Thy Name Is……….Hipster??”

  1. Has it been 20 years? Seems like it was just yesterday. It was an honor being his mom on your special day and I will be his mom any time he needs me to be. (yours to..but you have a wonderful mother) Love you guys……….

    1. Awwww! Yes . It will be 20 years on the 27th of December this year. We’ll be together 21 years on the 9th of September. We love you so much , and are so lucky you thought we would “be perfect together!”

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